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No matter how much you love your pet, there are times when you long to be free of your furry friend and go on a vacation without experiencing any qualms. To be able to do that, two things need to fall into place- firstly, you need to be confident that your pets are happy in your absence and secondly, you need to be able to travel without having to worry about them every minute. You could probably ask a friend to look after them- but these days, with everyone being so busy, it’s not fair to impose on either friends or even family. Taking your pets along with you is neither realistic nor practical- believe me, there are thousands of small problems that will surface at every turn.

This is where Rover.com comes into the picture. It’s an online marketplace that offers pet -care services and provides them with “a home away from home experience”. The pet sitting website has often been likened to an “Airbnb for dogs” that provides pet walking, dog boarding, grooming, and other pet-care services.

What Pet Owners Look for 

Studies show that pet owners will spare no expense when it comes to their pets and they want the best care and the best life for them that dollars can buy. In fact, they want as many amenities and as many services that are available and would like to find them in one location. That’s why many owners scour the Internet for pet sitting services- there are so many of them that claim to fit the bill. With years of experience in the trade, Rover.com is one such service. Those pet owners looking for incentives will be cheered to note that they can find new Rover.com codes on Coupon Cause, where they could pick up some good bargains and decent discounts.

What does Rover.com offer?

Rover offers a hoard of services that will tempt any pet lover. Not for nothing is it regarded as the “nation's largest community of pet sitters and dog walkers.” Over the years, it has enhanced its reputation as a ‘pet sitting service’ and many pet parents find it trustworthy and reliable. Rover connects pet owners with other pet lovers who will treat your pet with love and affection.

But, first things first- let’s see what Rover really does offer to dogs- young and old:

Doggy Day Care- is just what it says- if you want to leave your pet just for the day on a regular basis when you’re away at work, then this one is ideal- You can drop the dog off on your way to work and pick it up when you return. That way, you need never worry about its meals, about it getting enough time to play or getting the attention it deserves. It’s more like leaving your child at the day care, while you’re at work. Younger dogs and the really older ones that need more care are sure to find it to their liking.

Dog Boarding- More like boarding school perhaps sans the learning. If you’re likely to be out of town for a few weeks or months and are looking for an alternative to a kennel, then this one is for you. Pet sitters will take the dog into their own family of pets and treat them as their own.

House Sitting- If your dog is the ‘stay at home’ type, even then Rover has you covered while you’re not in town. This is also useful when you can’t spare the time to take your dog over to the pet sitter’s abode. All you need to do is to ensure that the sitter has the key to the house- and leave the rest to them.

Dog Walking- If your dog is highly active and energetic and needs to let steam off on a regular basis by walking or running during your working hours, then Rover caters to that too. Some dogs are happy with a few cuddles now and then when they just need a little attention- well, Rover understands that too and arranges for Drop-in-Visits.

That’s a lot for any pet sitting service to offer and that’s one of the many reasons why Rover is much sought after. Hold on though- there’s more to it than meets the eye.

The Rover Website

Any website offering services should be self-informative, easy to navigate and easy on the eye- Rover.com is all of that and more- it has credibility on its side. There are many websites out there that offer pet sitters instantly, but the question begs- Is it safe to hire pet sitters through these sites, are there no risks? That’s a valid question for you are entrusting something very precious to their care.

Why Rover.com is Unique

Rover understands pet owner concerns and that’s why it conducts background checks on sitters and vets them properly before allowing them to register. It keeps track of how they perform and awards various ‘badges’ for different aspects of pet care. Those that don’t perform are struck off the list of available pet sitters. This, in a sense, is a Rover validation that instills confidence in pet parents.

Along with the rates, the company also lists details about the sitters, services offered and types of animals that they prefer to deal with. This goes down very well with dog owners as there is a certain amount of transparency in the deals. The fact that 95 percent of stays have been recipients of “five-star rating” speaks volumes.

The Rover Guarantee

In addition, for all those pet parents that have booked through its platform, Rover offers 24/7 support (including emergency support), 24/7 access to the vet and even complimentary premium insurance.

When you pay through Rover, you can rest assured that your payments are safe and secure- the Rover Payment Platform encrypts credit card payments and all personal information. It puts a taboo on any payment that is made outside of its payment portal. The Rover guarantee protects its clients and affords pet owners and pet sitters peace of mind.

Rover Brownie Points

Community ratings are high and Rover has many 5-star sitters in its fold-and that’s saying a lot. In addition, the company allows sitters and pet owners to meet in person. By seeing how well their pet gets along with the sitter, they can decide whether the sitter is the right choice for their pet. Rover ensures that pet owners don’t make a blind commitment. And if you thought that Rover was only for dogs, think again. Sitters have looked after horses, cats, pigs and even fish!

Rover’s Sitters Take Care

Rover’s pet sitters are genuine animal lovers and not people looking to make a fast buck- in fact, many of them spend their days around animals. They are compassionate and loving too and that makes them an animal’s friend for life. To make the stay more memorable, Rover shares pet photos and highlights of their stay with sitters. Constant training and innovative processes keep Rover’s sitters on their toes.

Sitters are given detailed instructions along with specific requests about your pet’s care so that there is no gray area at all. Rover is in constant contact with its sitters and addresses issues if and when they arise. Not only is Rover an insured company but all its sitters too are covered by worker’s compensation insurance. If the sitter has an emergency, then Rover immediately steps in and bridges the gap by arranging for an equally qualified and reliable pet sitter.

A Morale Booster

That DogVacay (Rover’s biggest competitor) and Healthy Paws Pet Insurance (both big companies in their own right) have chosen to partner with Rover is saying quite a great deal.

Rover.com is well positioned to cover your pet needs and take care of them in your absence, be it for one day, a week, a month or as a regular affair during the day, when you’re away from town or at work. Rover has won awards and they are testimony to its genuine commitment to making pet care, easy, affordable and safe.

Rover’s pet sitters are caregivers, dog walkers, companions at play, and treat-givers all rolled in one. They may not turn a blind eye to those mischief makers that swamp their couches, bite through their rugs and gnaw the furniture, but they won’t turn them out- because your pet is a part of the family. Pet sitters keep in touch with you through photos to assure you that your pet is in good hands. So, you can relax and enjoy your holiday in a carefree manner.

In conclusion, if there’s that last minute trip in the offing or a delayed and much-needed vacation to be taken, you don’t have to worry about leaving your pet alone at home. With over 65,000 sitters, Rover has been classified as the largest and the fastest-growing network of dog lovers in the U.S. It is said that “a pet parent books a service on Rover every minute of every day,” so you can see how popular the service is. Rover may pocket 20 percent of what it charges, but don’t you think your pet is worth it?

The Rover system is foolproof whichever direction you look! Rover stays at home while pet owners flock to it. A hundred and one reasons then as to why you need to use Rover.com.


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