Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere? The Ultimate Reason That Will Shock You

Why does my dog follow me everywhere


You hear footsteps trailing right behind you, too slow to be human but too loud to be unrecognizable.

You look back and there he is. You go to the kitchen, you go to the backyard, and you look back. And there he is again. You’ll begin to wonder.

You’re no Taylor Swift; you’re no Justin Bieber, so why does it feel like you have some paparazzi following you around? That’s right, it’s your dog.

Now, you may wonder, “Why does my dog follow me everywhere?”. Read on to find out the shocking reason why.

Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere?

You just recently fed him so it can’t be possible that he’s suddenly hungry after just 3 minutes. Maybe you really do look like Justin Bieber, but that's probably not why this fan is following you.

Now, let’s go straight to the point.

Dogs are born to be social in nature. If you know about the classic wolf pack stereotype then you probably have an idea of what they’re descended from. And now that you have taken him in, you become his pack, his family.

And just like us, when we’re with our families, we automatically feel safe and secure. When he’s with you, he feels like he can take on the world because you offer him peace and security.

Just like kids, dogs are curious in nature. They’re inquisitive about their surroundings, especially when it involves you.

When you go to the kitchen and grab some food from the fridge or wherever it is you’re going and whatever it is you’re doing, it is just really in his nature to wonder about it.

So in order to never miss the chance to observe you, he is eager to follow you to whatever place you are going.

Dogs have instincts that are more extraordinary than what we, humans, have. It’s one of the reasons why they make the best patrol officers.

Whether that is a K9 or just your beloved pet, it’s in their nature to be watchful. You’re his family and he would do whatever it takes to protect and defend you. It’s another reason why he barks at the slightest footstep of another person behind closed doors.

Can I Get Him To Stop Following Me Around?

If he, however, follows you around to the point that it is uncomfortable and inconvenient, it can be that he is suffering from a separation anxiety. There are certain measures to be taken, in order to address this certain problem.

Try The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook and teach and train your dog how to follow simple commands such as sit, stand, and stay. You also have to be certain that your dog gets a regular 30-minute or more of exercise every day.

Lastly, you can consider leaving your dog with some distractions like toys. According to A Better Life With Your Dog, however, it is best to start paying him less attention if it really does get out of hand. How will you define out of hand is totally up to you.

Final Thoughts

So, no, it's not because you look like a celebrity or your dog finds himself starving again after the hearty home cooked meal you just offered him.

It is because your dog is devoted to serving and loving you. And you have both the privilege and the responsibility to offer him the same amount of love, care, time, and attention.

If, however, his actions get out of control, as stated, you can start using The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook or A Better Life With Your Dog as reference.

If you have any insights, suggestions, or some more questions, then please do not hesitate leaving some of your comments down below.


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