What Dogs Don’t Shed? 10 Breeds That Will Scorn Your Duster

What Dogs Don’t Shed

Shedding is a natural process that all dogs go through. But if simply being around dogs trigger allergic reactions from you. If you want to take a break from dusting your home, it's time to know what dogs don’t shed.

Of course, you can control and minimize excessive shedding by changing their diet or brushing their hair regularly.​

But if you want to keep away your vacuum cleaner and antihistamine for some time, then below are top 10 dog breeds that skip shedding season and thus less likely to cause a trigger reaction.

Yorkshire Terrier

What Dogs Don’t Shed

Small but terrible (terribly fun, that is), Yorkies are outgoing and bubbly. A Yorkshire Terrier is a big adventurous and fun-loving personality packed in a small cuddly body. Although they have long coat which requires a high level of maintaining and grooming, they shed very little.


What Dogs Don’t Shed

Available in three sizes: the Toy, the Miniature, and the Standard, Poodles are one of the most intelligent dog breeds out there. They excel at tricks and sports. Despite their thick coat, they hardly shed, which makes them an ideal fit for owners with allergies.

Shih Tzu

What Dogs Don’t Shed

Just like the aforementioned, Shih Tzu may possess long coats but sheds less compared to most. Considering their thick mane, frequent brushing and grooming need to be maintained. Shih Tzu dogs’ favorite place is probably your lap. They like to cuddle and snuggle.

Miniature Schnauzer

What Dogs Don’t Shed

With their high energy and extroverted personality, it’s no surprise that Miniature Schnauzers are perfect as guard dogs. They love to exercise and move around and can be trained easily.

Due to this, they are ideal contestants for agility competitions. Lively and energetic, a Miniature Schnauzer will leave you no place and time to get bored.

Maltese Terrier

What Dogs Don’t Shed

Famous for their silky white coat, the Maltese Terrier is another proof that long hair doesn’t necessarily mean excessive shedding. Many Maltese also excel in sports. They’re not just good at competitions but also perfect companions, especially to those with allergies.


What Dogs Don’t Shed

Does well at training? Excels at dog sports? Sheds very little? Perfect as companion dogs? All check. But because he loves being around his family, he may suffer from a separation anxiety if left alone or kept away from you.

And just like any other dog with thick coat, a Havanese needs his hair regularly groomed and brushed.

Chinese Crested

What Dogs Don’t Shed

Chinese Crested dogs are better known as hairless but if you prefer the look of a silky, glamorous haired Crested with minimal shedding, then the Powderpuff is the one for you.

Contrary to some belief, the hairless variant is not hypoallergenic as what the name suggests. Just like the Powderpuff counterpart, this variant sheds very little compared to other breeds. Do note that they may require more than the usual time needed for an ample training.


What Dogs Don’t Shed

A Basenji has short coat and as a result, only sheds minimally. They also don’t require a high level of maintenance and grooming.

However, be aware that Basenji dogs are challenging to train. Highly intelligent with a stubborn streak, he requires a bit of patience to take care of.

He can perfectly concoct a plan to get what he wants. He’s someone who has a strong sense of self. He may willingly decide to disobey your command and march to the beat of his own drum, instead.

Bichon Frise

What Dogs Don’t Shed

With a fluffy white coat, cheerful personality, and mischievous eyes, the Bichon Frise greatly resembles a stuffed toy. They are also highly trainable which makes them ideal for competitions.

He, just like his relative Havanese, may also experience separation anxiety if kept away from his family.

Irish Water Spaniel

What Dogs Don’t Shed

He’s not just a perfect companion, but also well-equipped with skills that make him an excellent hunting dog. He also possesses a pair of webbed feet that make for a helpful tool to swim.

Natural oils can also be found in his water-repellent coat. These attract dirt and debris. Regular brushing and grooming is a must to spread the oil throughout the coat and remove dirt.


It is essential to remember that shedding is normal for this is how dogs get rid of their damaged or old hair, no matter what breed it is. Some breeds just shed less than others that it is almost unnoticeable.

And if you do have allergies, also remember that it isn’t usually the fur that causes allergies but it is the dog’s dander or flakes of dead skin that triggers allergic flare-ups.

In addition, their saliva or urine might also be causing these reactions. The best way to approach this is to see a doctor and have him prescribe you some meds to battle the reactions

If you have any more questions or suggestions, please do comment down below. Hopefully this article enlightened some of your questions.


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