What can I Give My Dog to Make Him Sleep? All Things Considered


A sedative can be used to put your dog to sleep. The sedative is a substance that can minimize the irritability and excitement by putting the brain to asleep. These type of medications are inclusive of anesthetics used to put your dog to sleep for the required period.

Sedatives are utilized for a large range of reasons, comprising of travel, trimming of nails. However, in giving sedatives to your dog’s one must be very careful. Sedatives also pose wide range of side effects.

It has been indicated that sedatives can lead to dropping in the heart rate, body temperature, and respiration. Once in a blue moon, the dog can be dehydrated under sedation, risking general wellbeing and health.

Also, if the dog wakes up confused and alone under the impact of sedation, the panic exhibited is extremely worse.

This article outlines three categories of conventional sedatives that can be utilized to make your dog fall asleep. It will also highlight home remedies can be as effective as the conventional sedatives.

Sedatives and Tranquilizers

These are mainly consumed to relax an animal for different procedures like the blood test or x rays. Nonetheless, the overly excited dogs in the daily routine can also be calmed down by proper medication.

The sedatives and tranquilizers come mostly in the form of pills can be hard to feed your dog especially if it does not like it. For immediate and effective results, sedatives and tranquilizers are injected directly into the body.

These are also used as pre-anesthetic to cool off before anesthesia is directed. The most common example of pre-anesthetic is valium. It is administered before surgery to calm the dog. It should be noted that tranquilizers and sedatives should not be administered during pregnancy. It can lead to serious birth defects.


These are administered for pain relief by sedating the dog. The analgesics also have the reversal agents utilized to bring an animal back to the alert state. An effective example of analgesic is Medetomidine Hydrochloride.

The analgesics are altogether used to sedate for minor procedures like removing the quills.The analgesics are administered by two methods, intravenous or intramuscular.

After administering it, the dog is allowed to calm down for five to ten minutes as the drug begins to impact. Afterwards, antisedan is giving to reverse the impact of analgesics.

General Anesthetics

The consumption of general anesthetics to sedate a dog is very common. It is done before surgical procedure when required to sedate the dog for the longer period. After the absorption in the blood stream, the anesthetic will block the pain sensations.

It relaxes the muscles and prevents movement during the surgical procedure to avoid any complications. One of the most commonly used anesthetics is thiopental if is very effective for performing short surgical procedures.

When it is administered intravenously can render the dog unconscious within minutes. However, the recovery period might vary depending on the breed. For example, grey hound recovers more slowly than any other breed.

Home Remedies to Put your Dog to Asleep

1. Chamomile

Chamomile is widely known herb used for relieving anxiety. It consists of Apigenin, that is helpful in mitigating the anxiety in dogs. It makes them relaxed. Apigenin works in the same mechanism as off the aspirin. It relaxes the muscles, leading to dizziness and makes the dog asleep.

Apart Apigenin, chamomile also consists off of Chamazulene. It plays a significant role in reducing anxiety-induced health issues like bloating, inflammation or gas. Chamomile can consume in the form of tea by the dog or by dipping a treat in it.

2. Skullcap

The skull cap is an extremely effective remedy irrespective of the form it is present in whether raw or processed. It is very effective for treating anxiety and hyper-excited dogs.it is a medicinal herb. It consists of Catapol, Scutellaria, and Trannies.

However, apart from the medicinal uses, the skullcap also poses some threats. Its prolonged use of this herb either for sedation purpose or any other medicinal purpose can pose damage to the liver and result in liver diseases.

3. Valerian

Valerian can be consumed to alleviate anxiety and hyperactiveness in dogs. It reduces tension to a substantial amount. In contrast to other herbs and alcohol, the valerian is a very mild sedative and does not have any impact on the dogs neurological functioning.

The Valerian root is very significant as it is used in producing the wide range of treatments. In some procedures, the upper part of the plant is used for producing the final product. This herb is extremely effective in sedating the dogs and putting them to the peaceful sleep.

4. Oat

Oat is very commonly consumed to soothe humans. Likewise, it is used to soothe dogs. It has been indicated that the oats are a safe alternative to be consumed in place of sedatives.

The oats are helpful in curing depression in dogs. It soothes their nervous system and releases stress. Moreover, if the dog is anxious due to dry skin, the can be given a message with the oat seeds.

5. California Poppy

California poppy can be consumed to alleviate the stress your dog is facing on a daily basis triggered by any factor. Poppies are widely known to be consumed in the production of heroin; heroin is an effective painkiller. The California Poppy is important in relieving anxiety.

If administered in proper amounts, the California poppy can depict remarkable results. IT is commonly used to reduce tension and sedate the dogs. It stabilizes the emotions and neurological functioning.

6. Wood Betony

It is mainly used as an effective sedative in the case where the inner uproar of the dog caused tense and stringent muscles.

The irritability of face and discomfort of nerves adds to the throbs of a tension headache suffered by a dog. Apart from sedating Wood Betony also helps significantly in eliminating any discomfort endured by your pup.

Author Bio: Wendy Shore is a parent of two amazing dogs. She is very enthusiastic about pet health and welfare in general. She regularly blogs at Totally Goldens.


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