What are the Responsibilities of a Dog Breeder in the USA

Responsibilities of A Dog Breeder

Even if you are a dog lover and are passionate about certain dog breeds, becoming a dog breeder is not an activity suitable for everyone. It takes a lot of patience, hard work, and respect for your animals and will not provide an overnight profit. Results will be generated in time, so you need to be aware of this before you start your endeavor in this active field.

But, above all, when you opt for such a career or business, the well-being of your dogs must prime and be considered as most important. Breeding dogs is an activity that doesn’t mean producing a litter of puppies every time the females are in heats. Dog breeding is about quality and respect, both for the dogs and future dog owners and not about quantity. Charlotte Dog Club is very much aware of this aspect, so it only chooses to work with responsible dog breeders.

What does it mean to be a responsible dog breed in the USA? Below you will find a list of the responsibilities of a dog breeder.

A dog breeder will know everything about the breeds he or she is breeding

It is impossible to develop a successful business and activity in this domain without knowing everything there is about the dog breed that interests you. There are no courses in such subjects, so the research part will be entirely your responsibility. You will have to look for info online, read books, acquire information from the AKC and official clubs of the breed, and talk to experienced breeders.

If after you get all the info about a dog breed you still want to do this, you’ll have to do even more research. You will need to find reliable providers for your first dogs and will have to check out the previous generations of the dogs, together with their progeny, if they exist. A responsible dog breeder will know everything about the dog’s pedigree and genealogy.

Every dog and puppy is closely monitored

A responsible dog breeder will keep a close eye on every dog in the kennel, especially when it comes to newborn puppies. In case any genetic defects occur, the breeder should list them down in a special log. In order to be able to determine a genetic defect, the breeder must know the dog breed’s standard very well.

The main mission of a dog breeder is to come up with dogs that respect the standard of the breed and are balanced from all points of view. Dogs that have certain genetic defects and the females that produced the puppies with the defects should be noted in a registry.

Each breeding process is carefully planned and supervised

If you ask any dog breeder, producing a litter of puppies is similar to having your own babies. Responsible dog breeders will carefully plan the entire breeding process, starting with finding the ideal male for their female and up to spending sleepless nights as they wait for the delivery of the pups.

Once the puppies are born, the breeder will monitor them every single day and record not just their physical traits, but also their behavioral and genetic traits. The breeder will keep a log where the information and evolution of each pup are closely recorded.

A responsible breeder will openly talk about the breed and its health problems

As a future dog owner, you will know you found a responsible breeder when this person is open about providing all the requested information about the breed, the dogs in the kennel, puppies, and various other details. In fact, a responsible breeder will want to provide clients with a good amount of useful information about the breed, making sure that his puppies will be well taken care of.

This also means to talk openly about the potential health problems of the breed. A future dog owner must know what to expect, although it is not mandatory for a dog to have any kind of health problems. But, each dog breed has its own predisposition to certain health issues and this is the kind of information that must be known before opting for a particular dog breed.

You will become part of his or her family

A responsible breeder loves all his or her dogs and puppies, so these breeders don’t just sell dogs but give you a new member of the family. Thus, you in your own turn will become part of their family as well. This means that a reliable dog breeder will declare himself available to questions, pieces of advice, guidance, or any kind of information you may need to take good care of your puppy.

You will know you found a great dog breeder when he or she will want to know how the puppy is doing in its new home and will want to follow-up the accommodation process by calling you or staying in touch with you. The truth is that, as a new dog owner, you could use the presence of the breeder, as this is the kind of person you can turn to when you encounter various problems or questions.

A responsible breeder will provide a friendly and well-socialized puppy

The puppies coming from responsible breeders will always show an amazing personality. They will be extremely friendly and playful, simply enjoying the presence of humans. This is due to the fact that the breeder took care of the puppies’ socialization, so they can be as ready as it is possible to meet their new families.

Unreliable breeders, unfortunately, leave the puppies isolated from human contact for extended periods, which will provide shy and scared puppies. These puppies can turn out to be dogs with severe behavioral issues, in case the owner will not be able to identify these issues in a timely manner. So, it is not worth the risk of taking puppies from a breeder that does not show a responsible behavior toward his dogs and pups.

So, it may take a while to become a reliable dog breeder, but it is worth the effort if you are determined to do a good job. Also, as a future dog owner, do take the time to find trustworthy and responsible dog breeders. This will make the difference between having a healthy and happy puppy and a puppy that suffers due to various health problems. If you don’t know where to start looking for healthy puppies, the Charlotte Dog Club is the best place to start.

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