Tips on Cellular Shades to Use With Puppies in the House

While there’s no gainsaying the fact that pets make great companions, you have to admit that it’s difficult to maintain them and contain the kinetic energy that’s bottled up within. Dogs and puppies love to jump, play around and mess about with anything in the vicinity and sometimes harm themselves in the process. By nature, dogs are curious and need to know what goes on outside the house when they are locked in. They need to jump in the windows and look at the various distractions around and that’s when the trouble really begins. The window shades or blinds impede their vision and they just want them out of the way.

Generally, while shoes, cushions, and pillows are targeted by puppies and dogs with great gusto, shades, and window coverings, too, come in for their share of the onslaught. The hanging pull cords present a temptation that puppies and dogs cannot resist.

Dog Waits by Window

The danger of window cords

Studies from the ‘Consumer Product Safety Commission’ show that dangling window cords from shades are one of the ‘five top hazards’ in a home that threaten the safety of your pets. A dangling or swaying cord is a source of great excitement to pooches and affords them huge entertainment, but playing with the cord can prove dangerous. It’s so easy to get entangled, and as a consequence not only does your window shade suffer the aftermath but your little pet can be injured too. It’s hard to keep an eye on your pet all the time and that’s why it’s imperative that you provide “pet-friendly and pet-safe window coverings”. Cellular shades fit the bill.

Why cellular shades

Cellular shades are made from a single piece of fabric that either folds up or rolls up and are pretty handy when it comes to filtering light and saving energy. These can be made as a single cell, double cell, or triple cell shades that fold along crisp pleats. They are excellent for door, skylights, and windows of any shape or size. The hexagonal shape of the cell allow air to be trapped and this helps to keep the rooms cool in summer and warm in winter. The larger the number of honeycomb cells, the greater is the insulation- that’s why double cell shades are better than single cell shades.

Ideally, double cell cellular shades are suited for extreme hot or cold environments as they afford a high degree of insulation. Otherwise, single cell cellular shades are more than adequate. Choosing the right shade will help keep pets and kids warm and cozy, no matter what the outside temperature is.

These cellular shades also come with different light control options that provide different gradations in lighting. Blackout cellular shades do just what they say- block out unwanted light while translucent cellular shades allow you to regulate the amount of sunlight that you want to let in. As cellular shades come in different opacities it means you can choose the kind of shade you want for every room in the house. A combination of shades will also help produce the kind of lighting effect that you want in a particular room at a certain time. The shades are also available in a variety of pleat sizes and colors that augur for great looks and great living.

Cellular shade options

Cellular shades are available in three options- cordless, top down bottom up and motorized.

Cordless cellular shades are a great favorite-- there are no dangling lift cords to tempt those furry friends of yours. The window cords are concealed between two pieces of fabric and hence on the face of it appear to be cordless. This is really the easiest and best way to provide a ‘pet-safe’ home.

Top-down Bottom-up shades are great when you want your privacy and also light. These cordless top down bottom up shades allow you to raise the bottom, lower the shades at the top or do both. These shades are very flexible and known to be highly versatile as they give you a two-in-one privacy and natural light. They can even be nudged up by dogs when they want to take a look at the outer world.

Motorized cellular shades as the words suggest allowing you to control the raising and lowering with a remote control. Such window coverings when installed in the sleeping area of pets and also in bedrooms augur for a good living and sleeping environment.

Benefits of using cellular shades

1.The obvious benefit is energy-efficiency and noise reduction. Adding an energy-efficient cellular shade increases the R-value (the amount of heat resistance that the shade is able to offer). The higher this value, the better the insulation factor. This means your pet will remain comfortable, regardless of the outdoor temperature. It also means lower utility bills.

2. Using a Top-down Bottom-up cellular shade gives you the privacy you require and also the light that you want in the room.

3. You can control the amount of light in the room depending on your specific needs. If your pet wants to sleep undisturbed during the day, you can opt to block out all the sunlight- shades range from translucent fabrics to opaque ones.

4. Of course, the cordless options are great for pets that tend to play with dangling and swaying cords, getting entangled in the process.

5. Though these shades are not the greatest of options when it comes to décor, they have such a ‘small stack’ that they just disappear from sight and can be hidden behind a valence or drapery of your choice.

6. Combination of opaque shades and sheer shades makes your window more versatile- you can have the best of both worlds during the day and the night too.

7. You have a variety of colors, sizes and shapes to choose from and can opt for textured to design patterns to suit the décor of any room. Smaller cell size for small windows and larger cells for bigger ones create a dramatic effect. More so, they are perfect solutions for sliding glass doors.

8. Cellular shades are convenient and efficient, especially if you motorize them and control them from a remote device. They are usually made of polyester fabric that is compressed into small, durable and crisp pleats. These are safe and easy to operate.

9. Sleek to look at, they combine well with other drapery options. Endless combinations are possible.

10. Cellular shades absorb sound very well- your pet and children won’t be disturbed by outside noises either during the day or night. This augurs for good, undisturbed sleep.

Cordless cellular shades steal a march

Cordless cellular shades belong to the new era of classic window-covering solutions, where privacy and light gain precedence. Using top down bottom up shades, you can adjust the two factors to a nicety. The clutter of cords is also removed making your window look good. The safety factor is high as you don’t need to fear your puppies or pets entangling and choking between dangling cords. They are easy to install and you can do the job without any help. Cordless cellular shades look great on windows but more importantly are secure and safe for your pets and young children.

Why cordless Top-down Bottom-up makes it to the Top

The cordless and Top-down Bottom-up cellular shades are highly reliable and to a large extent, help to absorb sound. They are available in different price ranges, are highly affordable and are extremely suitable for different geographical locations. The top and bottom rails operate independently and hence a full range of adjustments are possible

These shades have a more opulent look than the conventional fabrics. Because they can be used just about in any room in the house where privacy and shading are needed to different extents, they are becoming very popular. They add to the charm and ambiance of the room, making it look elegant and unique

Pet and child safety are of paramount importance and these cordless shades can be pushed up with just the slightest touch. Even your pet can nudge it to slide without getting wrapped and entangled in the cords

Shades made from the non-static material will keep away dust and grime- hence they are easy to maintain and keep clean. The operation is simple- a locking mechanism helps to raise and lower the shades. The Top-down Bottom-up shades can be lifted from the sides or pulled down from the top and bottom. In short, you can adjust the shades according to your preference

Final Word

Gone are the days when you had to use fabric of different types to control the sunlight in a room. Cellular shades do the trick easily and quickly with light control in your hands. You can move from light to darkness and from darkness into light with just the smallest of maneuvers. Moreover, the Top-down Bottom-up cellular shades remove the pain points of dressing a window to suit your needs.


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