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Best Dog Leather Collars – Top Picks and A Complete Guide


For us, dog owners, our pooches is a vital part of our family. If you’re so like, you probably even treat them as your child; so getting the best leather collar for them is really important. Getting a poorly made leather collar may actually make your dog uncomfortable while you’re taking them out for a […]

Best Dog Food for Border Collies – Top Picks and Reviews


Border Collies are types of dogs which are very energetic and have the energy to run around all day. Because these dogs are meant to stay in the sun and are built to be active, it is important to take care of their health by giving them the proper food and nutrition. Finding the best dog […]

Best No Pull Dog Harness – Top 5 Picks & Reviews


When you have a highly active dog, it is almost certain that pulling is one of the most common problems you face every day. Most especially, whenever you take out your dogs for walks. Things like shock collars and choke chains exist to help solve this problem. However, these materials also have the tendency to harm […]

Best Dog Food for German Shepherd – A Complete Guide

best dog food for german shepherd

Having a German Shepherd is both a privilege and a blessing. He is not just smart, strong and athletic but a very hardworking dog, as well. German Shepherds, after all, work best with the police force due to its notoriety for being one of the easily-trained and obedient dogs but most of all a German […]

Best Dog Food For Chihuahua In The Market Now – Top 5 Picks


Is your Chihuahua losing some of its coat color? Have you noticed some tooth decay or other oral issues lately? Is it getting increasingly allergic? If you placed a check on all of these, chances are you’re feeding your Chihuahua the wrong type of dog food. As such, these side effects can be prevented if you’re […]

Best Dog Food for Labradors: Essential Things that A Dog Owner Should Know

best dog food for labradors

I have been with dogs for as long as I can remember. I grew up with dogs and have played with them since I was young. Along the way, I realized how important nutrition is for my dogs, particularly for my Labrador who has been with me for many years. Food, water and nutrition are among […]

Best Dog Food for your English Bulldogs – Top Picks & Reviews


English bulldogs are one of the most fun-loving and lively dogs ever. They are not just kind and gentle and ideal as family companions, but very active and ideal as a playmate, as well. Usually, bulldogs size will be around 40 to 50 pounds. More than this, our very popular dogs known for being cute […]