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Best Dog Food For Chihuahua In The Market Now – Top 5 Picks


Is your Chihuahua losing some of its coat color? Have you noticed some tooth decay or other oral issues lately? Is it getting increasingly allergic? If you placed a check on all of these, chances are you’re feeding your Chihuahua the wrong type of dog food. As such, these side effects can be prevented if you’re […]

Best Dog Food for Labradors: Essential Things that A Dog Owner Should Know

best dog food for labradors

I have been with dogs for as long as I can remember. I grew up with dogs and have played with them since I was young. Along the way, I realized how important nutrition is for my dogs, particularly for my Labrador who has been with me for many years. Food, water and nutrition are among […]

Best Dog Food for your English Bulldogs – Top Picks & Reviews


English bulldogs are one of the most fun-loving and lively dogs ever. They are not just kind and gentle and ideal as family companions, but very active and ideal as a playmate, as well. Usually, bulldogs size will be around 40 to 50 pounds. More than this, our very popular dogs known for being cute […]

Best Dog Food for Boxers: Meeting your Dog’s Nutritional Needs

best dog food for boxers

Boxers are typically muscular medium to large-sized dogs. Because of their strong build, they eat more than other dog breeds. Boxer breed dogs are also very energetic and playful. They like running and moving around most of the time. This high enthusiasm and activity should be supported by a diet that will meet his nutritional needs. […]

Best Dog Food for Yorkies: Top Reviews & Buying Guide


Yorkshire Terriers, or Yorkies, are popular adorable small breed dogs. They are active, playful, and affectionate. Like other dog breeds, they have certain nutritional needs that must be met. The best dog food for Yorkies should satisfy his dietary requirements, and must be suitable for his age, characteristics, and lifestyle. Best Dog Food for Yorkies […]

Best Dog Food for Allergies: How to Choose the Right Dog Food

best dog food for allergies

Feeding your dog with the right food is very important in maintaining your dog’s overall health. It does not only keep him at a healthy weight, but also reduces the risk for diseases and allergies. For dogs who may be sensitive and are prone to have allergic reactions from certain kinds of food, it is ideal […]

Best Treats For Puppies: What to Look For, What to Avoid

best treats for puppies

Choosing the best treat for puppies is as important as selecting puppy food. However, these treats, if not chosen carefully, may lead to health issues such as obesity. In other words, you don’t want to feed your puppy with fatty treats full of empty calories. It should contain healthy ingredients that will prepare your pup for […]

Best Dog Food for Beagles. The Ultimate Guide to Your Dog

Best Dog Food for Beagles

IntroductionBeagles are small hounds bred primarily for hunting rabbits because of their great sense of smell and tracking capacity. They are fun-loving, active and boisterous. They are loved for their intelligence and good behavior. If you own one, be sure to provide them with proper nutrition in order to enhance their abilities and keep them healthy. What […]

Purina ONE Dog Food Reviews. A Genuine, Affordable and Smart Choice

purina one dog food

Imagine your dog having bright eyes, strong immune system, healthy skin, luxurious coat, or even better, an overall healthy life. How great would that be? People think that it is hard to achieve an overall health of their dog. One must spend a ton to achieve what they want for him, but you don’t need to […]