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Best Dog Leather Collars – Top Picks and A Complete Guide


For us, dog owners, our pooches is a vital part of our family. If you’re so like, you probably even treat them as your child; so getting the best leather collar for them is really important. Getting a poorly made leather collar may actually make your dog uncomfortable while you’re taking them out for a […]

Best No Pull Dog Harness – Top 5 Picks & Reviews


When you have a highly active dog, it is almost certain that pulling is one of the most common problems you face every day. Most especially, whenever you take out your dogs for walks. Things like shock collars and choke chains exist to help solve this problem. However, these materials also have the tendency to harm […]

Best Retractable Dog Leash for Everyone – Top 5 Picks

best retractable dog leash

Can you imagine yourself owning a willful Yorkie or Dachshund that scurries a lot without a retractable dog leash? I cannot. That’s why I took the rightful initiative to look for one. Needless to say, the days that followed have been a bliss for both I and my puppies. And if you happen to have a […]