Puppy Breathing Fast – Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew

puppy breathing fast

The truth is you are not the only human bothered about your puppy breathing fast. In fact, we got so many panic stories about their dogs’ breathing behavior. It is worth worrying or it's just a normal behavior that we don't know. Let's see some amazing facts about puppy breath to understand more about our pets.

When do We Observe Puppy Breathing Fast?

Usually, you may notice your puppy breaths fast when they are sleeping. During their nap times, there are so much important things happening in them that you might know nothing about.

When sleeping they grow and develop

They are actually growing physically and developing their little bodies. Like humans, they need so much sleep to grow properly.

When sleeping they regain their energy

Puppies are active and willing to learn new things each day. Then they need about 18 to 20 hours of rest for healthy development. They grow fast physically and they need much rest for the amount of energy requires of them, every day. So, the way your puppy breathes when asleep is normal. Sometimes, you also see your puppy breathing fast wide awake.

Why is Your Puppy Breathing Fast, Awake?

There are two terms we need to know concerning your puppy’s breathing.

What is inspiration?

There is a process we call “inspiration”. The air that goes through your puppies’ nose is carried to the lungs. This will be transferred to red blood cells to distribute oxygen in their bodies.

What is tachypnea?

Tachypnea is the term used to describe a puppies’ breathing rate that is unusual than normal. About 15 to 35 breaths per minute are quite fast. You can especially observe this kind of breathing when their mouth is closed.

Reasons behind Puppy Breathing Fast

Sometimes the breathing is rapid because:

  • Your Puppy Needs to Cool down

Unlike humans, they do not sweat. Breathing stabilizes their bodies after hard active activity or exercise. Usually, your puppy is breathing fast after running, walking or playing. Your puppy also breathes fast because the environment temperature is very high. To cool them down keep your puppies rehydrated.

  • Your Puppy is Stressed, Scared

Sometimes we are excited to get them try new things. We love taking them to new places. Take note that in all of your adventures, there must be something important for you to know about. Your puppies are stress when they are exposed to new places and situations (training).

When they are stress, a series of their brain’s neurological responses activate. This caused their fast breathing. The same thing happens when they are scared.You can address this by making it easy for your puppy to cope with.

Whenever you expose your puppy to a new environment, stay watchful for signs of distress. Don’t bring him to many places in one day.You may also break his training into small sessions. Do not try to do it all at once. Sometimes, things have to take time.

Aside from the Given Two, What else? When to Worry?

Sometimes, fast breathing can also mean they are sick.

  • Puppies bad appetite, low energy

You worry when in their regular fast breathing they also don’t drink and eat well. You worry when they are obviously unhappy, unenergetic and not normal.

  • Abnormal movements and positions

There is something to be worried about when the movements of their belly and chest are no longer ordinary when their breathing is already too noisy when you see them always in abnormal positions.

  • Other observations

Take note also if you observe the following:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Blue gums
  • Fatigue
  • Weight loss

Really, something must be wrong. Is your dog up to date on its vaccinations, treatments, and checkup? Because when your puppy is breathing fast with the symptoms above, it may also have some illness.

Illnesses that may be Caused by Your Puppy Breathing Fast

We have listed some things that could be wrong with your puppy. They might have:

  • Swollen tummy: They might have swollen belly. Swollen tummy is due to puppy worms that need to be treated.
  • Chronic Cough: They could have a chronic cough that could root to not normal workings of the puppies’ heart.
  • Chest Cavite Diseases: They could also have either fluid in the chest cavity. This is known as a Pleural effusion. Your dog might also have Pneumothorax. This happens when the air goes inside the chest cavity.
  • Trachea related diseases: There also must be something wrong in their trachea. Either there is a foreign body in the trachea or there is a total collapse of the trachea.

How to Treat Puppy with Disease

There is no surest way to address this but to bring them to your trusted vet. Just take them to vet Perhaps your puppies’ organs are not receiving much oxygen, and there is nothing in the world to do except for taking them to their doctor. Your vet knows what to do always of course.


Fast breathing is such a tough thing, don’t you think. In as much as watching them breathe is sometimes the most pleasurable thing to do in the world, when it becomes fast, it scares us just that much.

But sometimes, it is easy when we know we are not alone worrying in the world. And when we realize there are things we can actually do to keep our puppies just fine.

Tell us more about your panics or amazing puppy breathing stories in the comment section below. We can’t say, it might save a puppy’s life.


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