How to Put on a Dog Harness – The Informational and Helpful Guide

how to put on a dog harness

Putting on a dog harness could be easy if you know what to do and the steps to get it done. That being said, here is a simple step by step process on how to put on a dog harness easily. Putting a dog harness might be easier said than done if you don’t know what to do.

Things that You Should Know before Buying a Dog Harness

The importance of a dog harness is beyond compare. There are many things that you must consider in regards to the use of a dog harness and the process of putting it on. It is imperative that you are fully aware of the process and the steps that must be followed to put on a dog harness.

If you put the dog harness incorrectly, it might cause a series of problems for you and for your dog. One of the most common issue is discomfort. When the dog harness is not properly placed on your dog, your dog might counter it by biting it or pulling. You might think that your dog is just being picky, but the truth is, your dog is sensing the discomfort and pain from the dog harness.

Moreover, if you don’t know how to put on a dog harness, you might restrict your dog’s gait and restrict its muscles and his range of motion. It can even result to an structural imbalance and will ultimately result to a safety hazard for your dog.

There are different types of dog harness that you can find in the market today. You can choose the best dog harness that would suit well with your dog. You can either buy a step-in harnesses or opt for the overhead harnesses instead.

Things You Need

  • Harness
  • Buckle
  • Strap

In putting on a dog harness, you need to get the best and most comfortable dog harness that you can find. Also, make sure that the buckle is in good working condition. Also check the strap and see its condition as well.

Types of Harness

There are different types of dog harness that you can find in the market today. You can choose the best dog harness that would suit well with your dog. You can either buy a step-in harnesses or opt for the overhead harnesses instead.

Step-in Harness and the Steps of Putting it on

This harness is a single buckle type of harness and these are the steps that you must follow to properly put it on your dog.

  • You need to unbuckle the harness
  • Lay the harness in the ground
  • Let your dog or have the dog over the harness
  • You need to put one of your dog's front paws in one of the loops
  • Place another front paw to the other loop.
  • There are some step in harness that shows which loop should match up with each of your dog’s foot. To get the best result, follow those instructions.
  • You need to snap the strap buckles.

Overhead Harness and the Steps of Putting it on

The overhead harness is usually used and placed on your dog’s neck. It is safe for use and mostly used by most dog owners.

  • You need to slip your dog's head through the neck piece.
  • The second thing that you must do is to pull the bottom straps
  • Pull it down under his belly and proceed with the top strap across his back.
  • Remember, if your harness is connected on one side, your dog must step through the loop
  • After that, you need to clasp the side straps.
  • Check if your harness and see if it's connected to one side, if not, you need to strap on both sides.


This type of harness is one of the easiest type for your dogs. The back-clip harness are ideal for calm dogs. These types of dogs are well-trained and will not pull in the leash. It is effective to use for small dogs that have delicate throats.

Dog Mobility Harness


The dog mobility harness is a type of harness that is built to cater to the needs of older dogs or senior dogs that have spine or leg injuries.

Auto Harness


This is the type of harness that is used on your dogs when they are inside a car or a vehicle. It has an attachment that hooks into the car or any vehicle’s seat belt. If your pet loves joyrides, this is the best dog harness that you need to use.

Make Adjustments

It is important that you are aware of the need to make some adjustments when putting on a dog harness. It is meant to secure your dog in a manner that allows maneuverability and comfort. You can make adjustments using the buckles so that you can tighten the straps or loosen them, depending on the need.

Remember, you need to check if your two fingers can fit between the dog and your dog’s harness. Moreover, double check the dog harness and confirm that it has been placed and adjusted properly and appropriately.

It can be done by checking the straps and buckles if it is in good working condition. Secondly, check the movement of your dog. Look at the movements to determine if your dog’s movement is restricted or not.

Why Dog Owners Should Use Dog Harness

There are many reasons why as a dog owner you need to use a dog harness. Here are some of the reasons why a dog harness is vital.


Protection is one of the benefits that you can get to enjoy. By using a dog harness, you are protecting your dog and ensuring that your dog will not be put in a harm’s way.


A dog harness promotes comfort if it's properly placed on your dog. It also provides comfort and ease regardless of where you are. Whether strolling or just lazing in the park, a dog harness will offer comfort for you and for your dog.

Peace of mind

A peace of mind is one of the grand outcome that you can get to experience as you use a dog harness. You will have a peace of mind knowing that the dog harness will keep you safe and will affirm your obligation as a responsible pet owner.

Security for you

A dog harness can offer you security. You don’t have to worry about your dog beyond control or being lost because it is not properly secured. A dog harness offers you security like no other.

Security for your dog

Your dog will also be secure. Losing them or restraining your dogs would no longer be a problem. It secures your dog and protects your dog from harming itself or others.

Save money

If your dog is properly secured, comfortable, and at ease, there is no need to spend money in finding them in case they are lost somewhere. Or spending money on treating your dog because they were harmed while on the loose.


Knowing how to put on a dog harness easily is imperative as a dog owner. A dog’s harness is one of the essential tools that you must have on board as you take care of your dog. Since each harness has its own way of process, knowing the techniques are important.

If your dog loves walking around the park or is an active type of dog, a harness is a must-have. Despite the simplicity of the gear, it can be a saving tool for your dog. As a responsible owner, you need to secure your dog and protect it harm. Not just your dog but to those who are nearby.

This ends our step by step procedure on how to put on a dog harness easily. I hope that this guide will be of great use to you. If you want to share some of your experiences regarding the usage of a dog harness, feel free to comment below.


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