Effective Tips On How To Remove Dog Poop From Your Carpet

How To Get Dog Poop Out Of Carpet

Being a fur parent is one of the best feelings in the world. It doesn’t only lessen your stress when your fur baby comes to you, but it also is the most rewarding and joyful experience one can ever have in his or her life.

However, no matter how much love and care we want to shower our pets with, such joy comes with a consequence. Owning a dog entails responsibilities a dog-parent cannot run away from.

As humans, we can loudly and proudly announce our need to use the bathroom in most cases. We can physically go to the toilet all by ourselves and do our thing on our own. This is not true for puppies and even big dogs alike.

If in case this is your first time owning a pet, chances are, you will find yourself surprised by the “stuff” around unexpected places in your home. This is most noticeable during the early and late stages of your pet’s life where they tend to adjust more in their environment.

Most of the time, these surprises are solid and can be found on the tile or wood floors, making them the easiest to clean up. But you see, our pets also has their fair share of bad tummy days where they leave a hot, soup like stuff right on your newly purchased designer carpet.

How To Get Dog Poop Out Of Carpet

All these are true if you have a dog because owning a dog means you also have a dog poop to deal with. You will not have any acceptable and valid reason for not scooping up after your pup.

Remember, ignoring the “stuff” promotes germs and pollutants in your home. This is very hazardous to your health and not to say, it annoys your housemates more than you.

If you’re thinking of ways on how to get dog poop out of the carpet, you are reading the right article.

Presented below are effective tips on how to scoop your dog’s poop. Luckily, there are more than a thousand ways to get the job done and a lot of new innovations come up all the time.

​Cleaning Soft Dog Poop From The Carpet

There are times when your dog can’t help but get a bad case of diarrhea and that also means a bad chance of the soft runny poop ending up in your carpet. Apart from it having a really bad smell, you just cannot ignore it since it may be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

How To Get Dog Poop Out Of Carpet

To get soft dog poop out of the carpet. You will need to follow the steps below.


  • Plastic garbage bag for disposal. Make sure it does not have holes.
  • Latex Gloves
  • White Vinegar
  • Water
  • 2 Bowls
  • A bunch of paper napkins
  • A Fork
  • Scoops of Baking Soda
  • Vacuum Cleaner, if available.


  • Take your first bowl and cover the poop with it. Diarrhea or soft poop tends to dry out easily and we do not want it to spread all over so there will be no wiping involved. The first bowl will confine the poop inside and will conceal the odor so that your home will not smell bad while doing these processes.
  • Wear your latex gloves. See to it that you will not the poop with your bare hands, no matter if it’s dry or wet as it doesn’t only make you feel gross but it will also spread germs and bacteria in your body.
  • Open the plastic garbage bag and place it near you.
  • With the bunch of paper napkins, start scooping and removing excess waste around you. Work slowly but surely so you will not have to push the poop deeper into the carpet or drop dirt around you.
  • Don’t forget to place the soiled napkin in the garbage bag once you are done.
  • Keep doing procedures 1 to 5 until you’ve scooped all the poop.
  • Once you’re done, reach for the second bowl and mix one and half a cup of warm water with one cup of vinegar. Mix it and let it sit for a few minutes before you use.
  • While waiting for the mixture to settle, take a fork and use it to scrape the dried dirt. Imagine raking leaves on your lawn and remove as much of the dried feces as possible. Do not damage your carpet and stop if you start seeing fibers pulling away.
  • Switch the vacuum cleaner on and run over the stain. This is best to remove any chips, chunks or flakes that may have pulled out while you’re using the fork. You can find the best vacuum cleaner for this job at homecleanexpert.com.
  • After so, you should now get your mixture and run the solution over the stain. Use blotting techniques to absorb any excess liquid that may spill over other parts of your carpet.
  • Keep adding more and more solution until there are noticeable stains.
  • Make sure that you have finished cleaning all the stain on the carpet.
  • After that, you should sprinkle baking soda over the area to remove the smell of the poop and let it sit there for 2-3 hours.
  • Finally, use the vacuum to clean the area of baking soda and remaining fecal particles. You can spray a bit of home fragrance to kill the odor and any other remaining bacteria.

Advice from a pro: Dean Davies, a carpet cleaning professional at Fantastic Services says: "Always test your carpet for colour fastness in an inconspicuous area first. This way you can save yourself a lot of hassles. He also added: "The more of the stain you take out with a paper towel, the greater the chance is to erase all signs of the accident without calling a carpet cleaning company to the rescue."

Cleaning Solid Dog Poop From The Carpet​

How To Get Dog Poop Out Of Carpet

There are also times when your dog doesn’t cause too much hassle and poops solid on the carpet.

This kind of poop is easier to clean up and the method you need to do is almost just the same as the method used for soft dog poop clean up. However, still, the cleanup instructions depend heavily on the consistency of the stool.

Cleaning dog poop out of carpets (solid):

Cleaning solid dog poop out of carpet is very similar to the method described above dependent on the consistency of the stool.

For Very​ Solid Poop

  • STEP 1
  • STEP 2
  • STEP 3

A vacuum clean up would be helpful to remove any remaining particles in the area.

If the poop is semi-solid and it leaves soft remains in the carpet after a large portion is removed, you must follow the same procedure for the soft stool to have your carpet cleaned-up.

These effective tips work well in scooping dog poop out of your carpet but remember, one of the best ways to prevent such misfortune is by early potty training your dog.

When your dog is young and is trained to go out to defecate and urinate, it won’t be a hassle to scoop poop out of the carpet.

The younger the better, because dogs are easier instructed when they are young and they do it as a routine until they get old. You may follow the rewards system for training your dog, do it with a treat or a compliment! Either works well.

If you enjoyed this tutorial, please tell us what you think and we’ll be glad to share it with our friends. Keep in mind that dogs are man's best friend and that simple acts of scooping after them will show your pets the love and care they deserve from their masters.

Happy Scooping!


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