Top 5 Tips In On How To Get An Emotional Support Dog

How To Get an Emotional Support Dog

Did it ever cross your mind to get an emotional support dog to aid you or a loved one who experiences emotional disability?

You might be reading this article right now because indeed, you are looking for tips on how to get the best possible emotional support dog and you are in the right place.

This article will help you know that basic of what you should do and expect if in case, you’re really keen on getting an emotional support dog for you or for someone else.

Below are frequently asked questions that we’ve answered for you, and the top five tips on how you can get and emotional support dog which you think you need.

What Are The Things I Need In Order To Be Granted An Emotional Support Dog?

How To Get an Emotional Support Dog

Firstly, You must have a certification given by a psychologist, guidance counselor, mental therapist or a psychiatrist stating that you are emotionally incapacitated and that you need an emotional support dog to help you recover.

Take note that this certification should be in a proper formal letter. Secondly, in some cases, there are other organizations that might require you to fill out requests forms, but others do not.

You need to look for the best organization that can help you with what you need and you can write them a letter or an email to inquire of your request.

​What Is The Difference Between A Service Dog And An Emotional Support Dog?

The service that an emotional support dog can give is to provide relief and comfort from mental disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression and the like.

An emotional support dog differs from a service dog in a sense that emotional support dogs are not tasked to perform anything specific as services dogs do.

Emotional support dogs are solely meant to aid in allowing a patient to have emotional stability by showing affection and unconditional love.

How Do I Deal With Business That Might Question My Emotional Support Dog?

How To Get an Emotional Support Dog

Some businesses and establishments may bombard you with questions about your emotional support dog if you are entering their premises or availing their services.

There are two basic questions which these people may ask, and that is first, is the emotional support dog accompanying you due to certain disabilities and secondly, what tasks or requirements does your emotional support dog do in order to help you.

Businesses and establishments are not allowed to go into specifics like what disability is the person experiencing and neither shall they ask you or anyone with an emotional support dog to provide medical documentation.

You should also keep in mind that these businesses are not allowed to refuse you of their services and entry in their premises.

You can take your emotional support dog anywhere you need to go. Why? Because emotional support dogs are not considered as “pets”. No extra fees or deposits shall be asked from you.

​Will There Be An Identification Card That Can Prove My Claims About My Emotional Support Dog?

How To Get an Emotional Support Dog

More often than not, there will really be an identification card that will be issued to you once you are approved of an emotional support dog.

The ID Card will show information such as the emotional support dog’s name and registration number, supported by an optional photo that will confirm the identity of your emotional support dog.

Your name will also appear on this card but that is all. No information about your mental disability shall be included in this printed document.

As stated on the question above, businesses, organizations or establishments are not allowed to question you about your emotional support dog, but if in case you will be needing anything to prove your claims, then here comes the purpose of the ID Card.

This document will be used so that other people are aware of your emotional support dog.

Where Can I Get An Emotional Support Dog?

How To Get an Emotional Support Dog

Oftentimes, emotional support dogs can be acquired from government organizations that grant registry of emotional support dogs. You might want to look online if there are any other organizations that do the same in your place.

Also, most of the times, once your mental health practitioner prescribes the use of an emotional support dog, he or she will also tell you where to get one, so it must not be a problem.

​Top 5 Tips On How To Get An Emotional Support Dog

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2. Decide On Which Emotional Support Dog Is Best For You.

Take note that not all organizations will allow you to choose the breed of your emotional support dog because technically any dog breed can be one because it only takes proper training to make any dog an emotional support dog.

This is another reason why you should seek medical assessment first so that your mental health practitioner can help you select which emotional service dog is best for your disability.


Choosing an emotional service dog can be very confusing and tedious but remember that it is not something that you should rush. Choosing the best emotional service dog for you or a loved one will do more benefit in the future so it is very important to make the right choice.

There are a lot of resources where you can get your emotional support dogs, so you must take advantage of it. Take your time, do not rush. This dog may not be with you for the rest of your life, but it will unconditionally love you for the rest of its life.


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