8 Dog Breeds That Require A Lot Of Exercise – An Informational Guide

dog breeds that require a lot of exercise

Have you noticed if your dog is a bundle of energy or a lazy couch potato? From a young age, puppies seem to have lots of energy and as they mature, some dog breeds start to slow down and have less desire for playtime and long walks outdoors.

Regardless of the dog breed, age and size, all dog breeds require some form of exercise and some dog breeds require more than others. Exercise is important for dogs and humans alike. To keep your dog healthy and in good shape; they should be getting exercise on a daily basis.

Different dog breeds were bred to play different roles. Some dog breeds were bred for hunting, herding and some for being a lovable companion. Based on their innate breeding history, they will have a different need for exercise.

Dogs that don't get enough exercise are prone to naughty behaviour like chewing, excessive licking and in some cases, health problems and obesity. Listed below are the top eight dog breeds that require a lot of exercises.

Border Collie

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The Border Collie was originally bred to help gather and control sheep in the hilly borders of Scotland and England. This dog breed is best known for its intense stare when they control their flock.

They have lots of energy and stamina and have the sheer determination to provide a service and work. Still today they are used as a herding dog in many farms around the world. They are easy to train and highly intelligent! They love nothing more than to take part in various canine sports.

Norwich Terrier

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This cute dog breed was originally bred to find rats on farms, but now it's moved up the ranks and is better known to chase foxes away from dens during hunts.

They make a wonderful companion and are very active for their size. They will always keep your home vermin free and love nothing more than spending time outdoors with their favourite person.

Flat- Coated Retriever

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This dog breed is very obedient and agile. They have lots of energy and make a great companion. They love nothing more than to compete in agility testing and obedience training. This dog breed would suit an active family.


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This dog breed was bred many years ago to help handle big game like bears and deer. Today they're better known for being more elegant. They are still, however, a hunting dog and require lots of exercises to burn off their energy.


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The Labradoodle has gained lots of popularity over the past few years. Originally the Labradoodle was developed to be a hypoallergenic dog breed. What was achieved from this breeding process was an intelligent, sociable dog that was relatively low-shedding.

This dog breed is very affectionate and highly energetic. They require a minimum of twice daily 45 minutes exercise on a daily basis.


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This beautiful, sleek and extremely athletic dog has lots of history that date back hundreds of years ago. Originally bred to be a hunter they have many capabilities in terms of guarding and hunting. They love being part of the family and getting involved in family activities.

Irish Setter

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Originated in Ireland, this dog breed has a great sense of humor, friendly, inquisitive and often very mischievous. They have lots of energy and love a good run around the park.

Their high energy levels would suit an active family that loves the outdoors. They have a unique enthusiasm for birds and their gorgeous mahogany coat really adds to the beauty of this dog breed.

Miniature Schnauzer

All this dog comes as a small package, they are extremely active and have an amazing personality to go with it. They have a wonderful temperament and will make you laugh every day with their funny ways.

They love to cuddle up on your lap and also love to spend time going on long walks with their family. This dog breed is a gorgeous bundle of fun.

It is important to remember that all dogs need daily exercise and there are many ways that you can make exercise fun for you both.

Helpful Tips for Exercising Your Dog

Listed below are some helpful tips for exercising your dog.

Sniffing game

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell and this can be incorporated into a fun game. You can do this by using one of their favorite toys and some of their treat allowance. Simply rub the treat on the toy and hide the toy.

You will then need to create a scent trail by rubbing the treat on the floor at different intervals leading up to the toy. The toy then makes their reward.

Work for their food

By using an interactive feeding toy you can help your dog burn more calories by exercising whilst they work for the treats. Basically, your dog will have to solve a puzzle or move their toy around for it to dispense the treat.

This will also provide mental stimulation for your dog. It is important that they are supervised whilst playing with these kinds of toys.

Challenge them to the step-up game

Using your flight of stairs, walk to the top and leave your dog at the bottom. Call your dog to you at the top of the stairs and when they run up you must reward them with lots of praise and one of their favorite toys.

If this is repeated a few times it will make them tired and provide them with enough exercise. Your dog should be in good health to complete this exercise. If you are in any doubt you must contact your vet for advice.As with any pet related advice.

It is always advisable that you check with your vet if you are unsure on health, diet or exercise needs.


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