Can I Use Baby Shampoo on My Dog? Answer revealed!

can i use baby shampoo on my dog

Picture this scenario in your head. It’s in the middle of the night. You just got home from work then you suddenly realize you haven’t washed your dog, yet. You checked your inventory of tools and supplies and you were appalled to discover that you have no more dog shampoo left.

But then you remember you have a kid and that you have some baby shampoo in the bathroom. You are not sure if you heard it correctly but you think that you heard before how baby shampoo can be used on dogs but you’re not that sure.

Well, you have come to the right place. The answer to this question is going to be based on a lot of articles but it’s time for you to ease up. In this article, allow me to stop the question, can I use baby shampoo on my dog, from running through your mind. 

Can I Use Baby Shampoo on My Dog?

The relationship between shampoo that is meant for my dogs and the shampooing products that are designed for humans can be a complicated. But in this section, let us zero in on baby shampoo.

Luckily, baby shampoo is quite simple. This is because the answer to this question is yes. So why is this the case? Well, baby shampoos, unlike usual human shampoos, have been specifically designed for babies. What does this mean?

This is because since they have been made for babies, they have to be mild and gentle enough for the skin or hair of your babies. In fact, baby shampoos are sometimes considered and regarded as gentler than dog shampoos. This makes them really suitable for the hair of your dogs.

However, before using the baby shampoo on your dog, there is still one factor you have to briefly analyze and check to make sure that the certain baby shampoo product you will be using is suitable for your dog.

And this factor is mainly responsible for the answer to whether normal human shampoo can be used on your dogs.

What About Normal Human Shampoo?

In this section, I will reveal whether normal human shampoo can be used on dogs or not. Since normal human shampoos are relatively less gentle and less milk than baby shampoos, the answer can be expected to be different. Unfortunately, human shampoos cannot be used on dogs.

So how come baby shampoos are allowed but normal human shampoos are not? To answer this, let us first talk about the distinct difference between human skin and dog skin or hair. One aspect of our skin that is of utmost importance. This layer of skin is what you call the acid mantle.

From the name itself, this layer is a little acidic. This is because the acid mantle has been designed to protect the next porous layer of your skin which is at the uppermost called the stratum corneum.

The latter layer is essential because it is primarily responsible for making sure that the outer body is hydrated enough. It does this by absorbing water inside.

When the stratum corneum becomes exposed to harmful environmental substances such as virus and bacteria due to the loss of protection by acid mantle, danger can arise.

Whenever you take a bath with the use of soaps, shampoos or body washes, the acidic oil that serves as protection for your stratum corneum, becomes washed off. This is also why you always seem to see shampoo and other washing products always come with moisturising elements and benefits.

It is because these moisturisers serve as a temporary alternative to the acidic oil that has been washed off. At least, until about 12 hours later when the acidic oil has already been replenished.

What does this exactly have to do with your dog? Well the acid mantle has something to do with your pH balance. As most of you know, the pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. The lower the number, the more acidic. The higher the number, the more alkalic.

For you, your pH scale ranges from around 5 to 6. This means that you tend to be on the acidic side. That said, human shampoos adjust to make sure that this balance will be met.

Meanwhile, dogs tend to be on the alkalic side. With a pH scale of around 7, dg shampoo products have to ensure that this balance will be met. And that is the reason why human shampoos cannot be used on dogs compared to baby shampoos that are less acidic and gentler.

Additional Tips

  • Before washing your dog, always make sure that you have thoroughly brushed your dog hair. This is especially true when it comes to dogs that have long coat and long hair.
  • In addition to brushing your dog’s coat, also make sure that your dog’s nails are not that long. If this is the case, trim it down first. This is to ensure that your dog will not end up scratching you while you are giving him or her a bath.
  • Whenever you are giving your dog a bath, put a cotton ball inside his ears. This is because dog’s ears are very prone to infection. Make sure it stays fry by inserting cotton balls inside his ears.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, yes, baby shampoos can be used on your dogs. This is because they are gentle enough to be used on dogs as compared to typical human shampoos. In contrast, human shampoos are too acidic for dogs.

These shampoos can instead disturb the pH balance of your dogs. However, it is still best to use dog shampoos which are specifically designed for dogs. These shampoos are best at ensuring that your dog’s pH levels are maintained. 

Hope you enjoyed this article! If you happen to have some more suggestions, comments and recommendations, I’d be happy to hear them all. Please do not hesitate to leave them down below in the comment section. Thanks and see you in the next article!


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