Can Dogs Eat Pork? The Amazing Truth Revealed


As dog owners, we already know what works best for our dogs. Be it about their sleeping habits, their favorite types of exercises, their personality, and of course, their diet, food plans and eating habits.

Majority of the nutrition that ensures the health of your dogs come from food so naturally, it is crucial that you know what works best for them.

However, emergencies are something you cannot just prevent and in the event that an emergency arises and that you are left with no dog food, you may wonder if there are certain food that you can feed your dogs, for the meantime.

That being said, maybe you are asking yourself, can dogs eat pork? Well, read away and find out in this article.

Can Dogs Eat Pork

Of course, there is no black and white. The same thing goes with this question. The answer can still be complicated. However, generally, yes dogs can eat pork. However, there are a number of certain conditions that have to be met.

Only when these conditions are met can your dogs eat pork without possibly harming the health of your dog.

When Can Dogs Eat Pork

So now that I have said that dogs can only eat pork after meeting certain conditions, what are these conditions, then?

The first condition is that the pork has to be cooked. This means you cannot feed your dogs raw pork. This is because of trichinella muscle larvae. Let us first define what a trichinella muscle larvae is. Well, this element can endanger the well-being and health of your dogs because they lead to intestinal roundworms and trichinellosis.

With that being said, you really have to make sure that you have killed the trichinella muscle larvae found in the pork through cooking. In addition, I would really recommend that you freeze the pork for about three weeks.

The purpose of this is to ensure that the parasites located inside the pork have already been killed. Afterwards, make sure you cook them well-done and medium rare or worse, serve them raw.

The next condition is that they also have to be unseasoned. It is no surprise that it is seasoning that makes meat really tasty and delicious. However, for dogs, seasonings can actually really be toxic to their health.

As a result, please do remember to avoid seasoning the pork with condiments such as onion powder or garlic powder. Lastly, I highly suggest that you buy those pork that is leaner.

Avoid the thicker cuts of pork because these cuts contain a high content of fat. This can seriously lead to other health issues such as a condition called pancreatitis.

Why Is Raw Pork Not Safe

So now, that we have established what is inside pork when raw and uncooked. Let us move on and find out why is raw pork not safe and what happens to dogs when they are served and fed with raw pork.

There a number of health conditions that your dog may get if fed with raw pork. Some of these are soreness of muscles, swelling of your dog’s upper eyelid, and very intense pain felt in the body of your dog.

How Much Pork Can Dogs Eat

Given that your dogs can only eat pork when certain conditions are met, there are a lot of restrictions when it comes to feeding your dog pork. With that being said, you also have to take note of the limit.

If your dog is very new to eating pork, just make sure you have a starting amount. It is better to start small and watch out for possible allergic reactions of your dog. This is crucial because research has stated that about fifty percent or half of dog’s population may have some sort of allergy to pork.

In the event that your dog turns out to have allergy, be sure to stop feeding your dog with it. Aside from allergy, your dog may also have indigestion and inflammation so watch out for this.

What About Pork Bones

If pork can be fed to your dogs, then pork bones are absolutely prohibited. This applies to both cooked or raw pork bones. Some may say that cooked pork bones are definitely much better, however, this is not entirely the case. Both types of pork bones pose the same risk.

One of the most crucial health issue they may experience is internal health problems and deadly choking. First, let us focus on the internal health issues.

When you feed your dogs with bones, there is a big possibility that some pieces of the bones may end up undigested. If this ends up happening, the intestines of your dogs may experience some blockage.

Furthermore, your dogs may experience choking when eating the bones. This can vary depending on how large or small the bones are and how large or small your dog is. But as a safety precaution, it is better to just refrain from feeding your dogs pork bones.

Final Thoughts

And the answer to whether dogs can eat pork or not is yes. Although, that is a big yes with reservations. Remember, the two most crucial and essential conditions when it comes to feeding your dog pork.

First, it has to be cooked. It is better to freeze it first for about three weeks before cooking to make sure the parasite inside have already been killed. Second, make sure they are unseasoned. Some seasonings are proven to be toxic to your dog’s health.

If these conditions are not met, remember that your dog can experience. A great number of health issues such as soreness of muscles and intense body pain. Be sure to also buy pork that is leaner.


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