Can Dogs Eat Pickles? Things To Consider Before Giving It To Your Dog

can dogs eat pickles

There are times when you want to share your snacks with your dog. Other times, your dog is the one stealing your goodies when you are not looking, and you become emotional because you don’t know how your dog will react after it has ingested your food.

It is a known fact that dogs often produce allergies whether mild or severe when swallowing food that is not supposed to be eaten. It is important that before giving your dog your meal, you have to know if they will not cause your dog allergies, or worse, illness.

Pickles Are Safe For Your Dogs But Only In Small Amounts

Just like other owners, you might be wondering if pickles are safe for your dogs. Generally, pickles can be eaten by dogs, but only in small amounts. Too much of pickles is already bad for the health of your dog. Although pickles are not the most damaging food your dog can eat, pickles should not be included in your list of dog food.

Depending on the ingredients used in your pickles, you will know whether it make your dog sick or not. Your dog will not get sick with the pickle, but with the ingredients added to it. However, there are dogs that are very sensitive to pickles and should not even be given pickles even in small amounts.

Pickles Are Cucumbers With Spices

Pickles are very common food that most people enjoy and are made of cucumbers, spices, soaked in a vinegar solution, salt, and are fermented or quick pickling for days or weeks. There is something good tasting in pickles because it is more preferred than raw cucumbers.

Pickles are quick pickling when cucumbers are saturated with vinegar, mixed with spices and seasoning such as salt. Fermented Pickles are those that are not soaked in vinegar, but has live microorganisms. In case of dogs eating your pickles, or you wanting your dog to eat pickles, you don’t have to worry if it’s only taken once or at least infrequently.

Because of the ingredients placed in the pickles, are so strong, that it may cause an upset stomach. If you don’t want your dog to experience sickness, do not feed your pet even with a slice of pickle.

Why Are Pickles Not Suitable For Dogs

Although Pickles are not really harmful, they are not also a good alternative for a healthy diet for dogs, and there are several reasons why pickles are suitable for dogs.

Thiosulfate Poisoning

First, Pickles have spices that are not good for dogs. Onions are very harmful to dogs and should not be consumed because onions are high of thiosulfate. Thiosulfate if ingested by dogs can have can different reactions.

Big dogs which take a small amount may not fall ill, but smaller dogs might have a serious illness and must be taken to your vet immediately. Thiosulfate can be digested by humans because of special enzymes, but dogs do not have these enzymes, which is why it makes them vulnerable to Haemolytic Anemia.

If taken by dogs, this can cause red blood cells to rupture. If your dog is experiencing darker urine, it is already a symptom of Haemolytic Anemia. Your dog may also experience vomiting and diarrhea. Another important change in your dog’s health is breathing problems. When having Haemolytic Anemia, your dog may also suffer from breathing problems.

Sodium Poisoning

Aside from a from Thiosulfate poisoning, your dog may also experience salt poisoning if pickles are ingested in high amounts. Some of the very serious consequences include vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, tremors, and seizures.

Your dog may also display a lack of coordination, and may just stumble or fall when they run or walk. Salt poisoning may also cause excessive thirst and urination and these are not normal behaviors of dogs.

Since pickles contain salt, onion, and other spices, it is better to avoid giving them to your dog for safety purposes. If you are tempted to give your dog your pickle, make sure it should not be given daily.

Things To Consider When Giving Pickles To Your Dog

1. Also, Pickles are made from vegetables, the process of pickling destroys a lot of the nutrients. However, pickles contain fiber, vitamins A, and K, and iron which are good for your dogs, just do not overdo it.

2. No sugar and less salt are a better choice for dogs and can be fed to your dog which needs to lose weight.

3. Do not let your dog drink the juice of the pickles. The juice contains a concentration of all the oil, spices, vinegar, and other liquid concentration which very harmful to your dog, and could have a serious reaction. Even if you add water to the pickle juice, it is still not advisable, and would still cause harmful side effects to your dog.

4. Dill Pickles are not harmful but is still recommended to give small pieces every once in awhile.

5. If you need to give your dog a piece of your pickles, it is better to choose sweetened ones than the ones that have heavy spices. It is a good alternative to give raw or fresh vegetables

6. Washing your pickle with water will remove some of the salt concentration in your pickle, and this is a lot safer to eat.

7. Avoid feeding your dog a whole piece of a pickle since this could lead to choking. Moreover, if your dog is suffering from heart problems, they should never eat pickles.


As a final say, it is safe for your dog to eat pickles given that your dog’s condition has been checked by your vet. Even if pickles are generally harmless, it is best to limit pickles, or should not be fed at all to avoid health complications. You can always use alternative food or vegetables aside from pickles and are healthier and more nutritious.

We would also love to hear your experience with your dog eating pickles. Please share with us your stories by writing your comments.


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