Can Dogs Eat Olives? Exciting Benefits Of Olives for your Dog


Can dogs eat olives? Fortunately yes! Olives are edible, and they are not harmful to them. However, this also includes limitations. Not to give them anytime you want, anywhere you find olives or how much you want to give them. There is a definite pattern that needs to be followed when giving your dog some olives, which I have written below.

Olives are great food, it is best for snacks and also great for salads. It is very nutritious and rich in Vitamin E with a high level of antioxidants which is best for humans, but with dogs has a different story. However, it is also rich in fats that could make your dogs obese.

Olives, Is it Safe or not?

Olives are good to eat, and they are not toxic which makes it safe for dogs. But don’t get too much excited because it should be given to your dogs in moderation. In this way, they are safe and harmless. Olives are rich in fatty acids that are also found in oatmeal which helps make their coat shiny and glossy and makes your dogs healthier.

How Should Dogs Eat Olives?

As mentioned above, dogs should eat olives moderately. The first thing to do is to remove its seed which is very necessary, not because it is toxic, but to keep your dogs from choking. As it can also cause harm to their teeth.

Kinds of Canned-Olives

There are two kinds of olives, and both have each of their differences. The Black olives are much advisable to be given to your four-legged friends, as it has lesser sodium compared to Green Olives.

Benefits of Olives for Your Dogs

Here are some of the benefits your pet dog could achieve upon consuming a small piece of olives.

  • Olive is an excellent source of calcium and protein, minerals and vitamins A, E and K. It also helps in improving your dog’s eyesight, stronger bones, and helps eradicate any form of cancer diseases. It also helps fight any inflammations in your dog’s body.
  • Through feeding your dogs plain or unsalted olives, can also keep your pet away from high levels of sodium which is contained from pickled or any canned olives which can also cause dreadful health conditions in dogs.

Olives Might Be Allergic

Moderation must be the first thing to remember in giving your pet olives. Look for the smallest one when introducing the fruit or when adding it to their diet. Some dogs have also been allergic to the fruit.

It is important to observe your dogs reaction during their first taste whether they like it or not, so better start with the smallest one. In case you want to add olive oil to their diet.

Olive oil was never necessary to feed your dogs, but if you wanted to add some of it in their diet can also provide lots of good benefits for them and here are some of it.

  • Normal Blood Circulation

Olive oil normalizes the circulation of the blood which makes the total blood flow better as well as the oxygen dissemination in your dog’s body. In which they can breathe well and avoids headaches and fever.

Blood flow improvement also helps in cell increase and organs to function well which increase their entire health and makes them healthy and progressive always. Normal Blood Circulation also helps your dog’s heart rate, which usually makes their heart turns more active in pumping blood.

  • Weight Loss

If your dog has been suffering from obesity, Olive oil might be your perfect match to be included in your dog’s diet because it was composed with monounsaturated fats which helps your dog’s body improve the procedure of losing fats your dog is suffering with.

  • Prevents Illnesses

Olive oil is perfect for preventing cardiovascular diseases and even diabetes. Including any kinds of cancer diseases which also helps improve your dog’s immunity system to fight many different types of illnesses.

  • Brilliant Brains

Olive oil will also make your dogs smarter because it helps in improving their brain functions. This will make them think quick and intelligent in everything they do.

  • Youthful

Olive oil, is rich in many antioxidants that help to slow down the ageing process which makes your dog’s body staying young. Because of that, your dogs are always lively, fresh and still active.

  • Wonder Dog

Olives makes your four-legged friend look so beautiful which makes you fall in love always because of the improvement of their skin and hair which is so noticeable.

  • Soft and Shinier Skin

This is good news, as olives make you skip buying shampoos because it makes your dog's skin shiny and beautiful and also helps to maintain their skin from being hydrated.

Their hair will also become stronger with lesser losing. Having a very nice skin is one of the essential ingredients we wished for, and that’s what olives are doing to your dogs to make them lovable more than ever.

  • Conditioning and Massage

Olive oil massage for dogs? Why not? Olive oil massage could improve your dog’s skin and furs. Dogs loved massage; this could also help them feel comfortable and makes their sleep better and longer.

  • Bathing and Grooming

In bathing and grooming your dog at home, try a little of olive oils as their hair conditioning, apply it while their coats are still wet. When it's dry, you can see and feel the softness on your pet’s skin and furs. They will surely feel lovable and huggable too.

Safety of Dogs

Above all else, the safety of our dog must be our first and primary concern, though olives are delicious and healthy to them, yet, it also causes both safe and harm. Let us always remember that a single olive should not risk your pet’s life.

As mentioned above several times, pickled or canned olives has higher sodium content so if possible to keep it away from them even though how much they are eager to have one. Let us also make sure to have them pitted too because pits are too dangerous to them.


Now that you have read all through this article, I hope that you have learned a lot, especially on how to feed them with olives. Our adorable cuties should only consume 3 to 4 pieces of olives is enough, plain and unsalted and pitted of course. Take note, that if your dog consumes something incredible like a bowl of olives finished at a time, now you’ve got to consult a vet soon.

Fats are also rich in olives, so make sure not to give them more than enough to avoid a significant risk of pancreatitis, a dangerous disease wherein their pancreas requires surgery after inflammation. Most importantly, it is always required that your dogs should consume dog food in high quality and the rest of at least 5 percent of our food like olives.

Hope that you can find the answer for yourself through this post. If you find it helpful, feel free to share it to your friends and don't be hesitate to leave comment below to share with us your experience.


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