Can Dogs Eat Corn? The Amazing Truth will be Revealed

can dogs eat corn

Corn is one of the most common food one can consider giving his or her pup or dog. However, there is always the controversy surrounding corn. Is it really advisable to feed them corns? Can dogs eat corn? Is it safe and does it offer any nutritional value for your little furry friends?

In this article, whether it is fresh corn, corn on the cob or corn on the grill, allow me to finally get this topic settled and erase the worry from your minds.

Can I Feed my Dog Corn?

So without further ado, let us get right into the main question. Can you feed your dog corn? Well, I would definitely not recommend it. Corn is not exactly harmful to dogs but I would not recommend it myself. This is for a number of reasons which I will tackle in the latter part of this article.

Is It Safe for Dog to Eat Corn?

First, let us talk about the factor that most dog owners, myself included, are worried about. Is it safe for your dog to eat corn? The simple answer is yes. It definitely does not contain anything poisonous or toxic or anything harmful that would possibly endanger your dogs.

However, do keep in mind that just like anything else, this should only be served in moderation. To put it simply, feeding them corn will not give them any major deadly disadvantages but assuming that they do not have any corn allergy, it is also not going to give them any benefits. That said, let us move on to the next factor.

Does It Offer any Nutritional Value?

Corn as a typical source of carb contains some nutritional benefits. However, it is not significant, meaning it only contains a low amount of these nutrients.

As mentioned, it really will not give your dog a deadly disease or anything remotely close to that, however, you can also be feeding your dogs other food that contains a more significant level of nutrients such as pumpkin which is better at solving problems like constipation.

I mentioned constipation because most people would argue that corn is good at solving issues like constipation. However, do note that there is also a variety of other fruits or vegetables available that contain more amount of fiber which helps at solving that.

Does It Give any Minor Health Issues?

I mentioned that it does not really give any major deadly problems. However, it does not mean it does not give any possibility of minor health issues.

Issues with Digestion

This problem is definitely not deadly. However, this will obviously still pose a problem. Considering that corn is a whole grain, corns can be difficult to swallow and also challenging to digest. This is also because until the corn has not been refined into any meal or a flour and afterwards, get cooked, then it will be difficult for your dog to digest it.

Cheaper Food Used as a Filler

It goes without saying that dog food must contains all the necessary nutrients that a dog needs. However, it is also not a mystery or a hidden fact that most dog food manufacturers used some cheap food as a means of food filler.

Of course, most manufacturers want to save up on business expenses and increase profit, instead. For this reason, they want to cut back on the food costs.

Does It Give any Allergies?

Most dog food advocate themselves as grain-free. Why is this? This is because grains tend to cause some allergies among dogs. And corn is an example of a grain.

What about Corn on the Cob?

If corn does not give any serious or toxic disadvantages, corn on the cob is another story. It can be risky because if they ever choke on an entire cob, this can cause an internal congestion or blockage as there is no certified guarantee they will not choke it down completely.

As an added information, this is one of the typical causes of dog fatalities. If a cob is not kept out of their reach or even sight, it can be possible that they will sniff it and eat it. In any case this happens, seek immediate professional help.

To give you a bit of an insight, here are the most common symptoms that you can see your dog go through if he or she is suffering from internal blockage:

  • Refusing to eat anything
  • Unusually weak
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Final Thoughts

To put it lightly, it is not recommended that dogs eat corn. While it is not poisonous and does not contain any dangerous chemicals, it also does not contain any significant amount of nutrients that other food such as vegetables and fruits cannot provide.

Moreover, while it does not give any major problems, it puts your dog at risk for minor complications such as difficulty in digesting. As a resolution, there are a lot of available grain-free dog food in the market that contains a more significant amount of nutrients.

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