Can Dogs Eat Beans? The Shocking Truth Revealed

can dogs eat beans

We, including me, always want to make sure that we give the best to our pups — the best exercise, the best sleeping are but most of all the best food we can give them. The best food should include all the necessary nutrients they will be needing to ensure that they have a sound mind and body, plus enough energy to wag their tails off and cuddle with us.

That said, we also wanna make sure we are giving them the right food. In this article, we answer one of the most frequently asked questions about their food, can dogs really eat beans?

Can Dogs Eat Beans

So, let’s get down to the point, shall we? That answer to this is well, it depends. It depends on a number of things but mostly on the amount you serve and the type of the bean.

Beans are usually a major part of vegetarian-based meal plan or diet plans. It contains various vitamins such as Vitamin K and Vitamin C and even protein.

However, it must be noted that beans are not ideal to be used as an alternative for meat. Your dog’s animal protein source should still mostly come from meat.

Moreover, your serving of beans should always be regulated. An excess amount in beans will cause your dog to feel gassy or flatulence. Flatulence is the condition of having too much gas or air present in your stomach or intestines.

Types of Good Beans

With that said, let us move on to the types of beans. In this section, we will focus on the type of beans that contain certain nutrients your dog needs and those that are safe to be consumed by your pup. For easy terminologies, I will be using the term “good beans”.

Green Beans

Green beans are probably the most convenient for pet owners. It does not just contain five essential nutrients but is usually in most people’s kitchen since it is a common ingredient, making it very accessible and nutritional, as well. Let us move on to the five nutrients green beans can offer your pups.

  • Vitamin A

This vitamin has been proven to dissolve fat easily. It also aids in improving the sight of your pup. Moreover, it helps keep the heart in a healthy condition.

  • Fiber

Nowadays, obesity among our pups has been an increasing problem for us, dog owners. Luckily, green beans contain a certain substance can battle obesity. Fiber is known to increase the bulk of food without actually having to increase the actual amount.

This means our dog could eat more without having to gain more. This will prolong the time before they become hungry again. Moreover, fiber will help prevent constipation as it helps in food breakdown.

  • Vitamin K

Just like the previously mentioned Fiber, vitamin K is fat soluble, as well. Due to this, they promote clotting of blood, calcium absorption and makes recovery from any injury faster. Beyond this, they are known to be carriers of certain antioxidants that will help prevent your dog from any possible cancer diseases.


Legumes are good alternatives, in case you do not have any green beans ready at hand. They contain thrice the amount of protein as what typical grains do. A typical worry of most pet owners is that beans might cause their pups to feel gassy.

However, legumes are infused with certain substances which lower the risk of them catching flatulence, unlike other beans.

Types of Bad Beans

As stated, there are the good beans and the bad beans. In this section, let us focus on the ones we have to keep away from our pups, at all cost.

  • Canned beans

Anything that is manufactured and stored in a can should be pretty much kept away from your pups. That is almost like a general rule of thumb. This is because any canned goods are infused with added preservatives, additives, and excess sodium that are very unhealthy for your pups.

  • Coffee beans

Anything with a drug such as caffeinated or alcoholic beverages are prohibited. They contain a certain dosage or amount of poison that will harm the lives of your pups.

  • Chili beans

Chili beans, from the name itself, are of course infused with chilli which makes them very spicy. This amount of spice or level of spiciness may be too much to handle for your pups. As a result, it is generally frowned upon that you feed your pets chilli beans.

  • Baked beans

This is most especially true for dogs that are diabetic. Bakes ones generally contain a high amount or content of sugar. Moreover, there are also baked beans that come in cans. These baked beans are made with a thick tomato paste. Tomatoes are bad for your pups. In fact, they are poisonous.

Tips for Serving Beans

Wash your beans in a thorough manner before feeding it to your pups. Beans are organic food meaning you have to make sure you wash them first with clean water in a thorough manner to at least lessen the dirt it is contaminated with.

Always, serve in moderation. There is a saying that too much of everything is bad. That much is true when it comes to serving or feeding your pups beans. They may contain nutritional qualities but they will also increase the presence of gas in your dog’s stomach.

Final Thoughts

Incorporating beans into your dog’s diet plan is a smart choice, especially if your pup is a vegetarian. However, you gotta take certain precautionary measures before doing so. There are two reservations you must always take note. That is to choose the right type of beans which are usually green beans, legumes, and even dried beans.

And of course, to avoid the bad beans which are canned, baked, chilli, and coffee beans. And the second is to always serve beans in moderation. An excess amount of beans may cause them to feel gassy.


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