Best Wireless Dog Fence: Essential Things to Know

best wireless dog fence

Most dog owners usually worry over the safety of their dogs and I am one of those as well. It has always been a trouble if the dogs roam around and could get lost along the way or could get into an accident.

That being said, keeping your dogs safe and sound is made possible if you have the best wireless dog fence installed in your yard or property.It is given that there are so many wireless dog fence to choose from which is why this guide was made to provide you some insights regarding the best product to opt for.

The review will also assist you in getting or purchasing the best wireless dog fence for you.

Reviews of Best Wireless Dog Fence

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  • The boundary is wireless
  • Can cover up to ½ acre
  • The receiver collar is waterproof
  • It is easy to set up
  • It has 5 levels of correction
  • The receiver collar is adjustable

This product, the PetSafe Wireless Containment System PIF-300 can grant your dog enough space so that it can play and roam in all directions. It offers your dog about 10 -90 feet in all directions, which is approximately ½ acres.

The containment fence also works great for your dogs that weighs more than 8lbs. The collar is also fitting for dogs whose neck measurement falls between 8 to 26 inches.

The PIF-300 is also effective for containing a wide array of dogs. Your territory could be expanded through overlapping the dog fence’ transmitter signals. On a side note, there is a boundary blur, but is minimal. In terms of battery and power, it can last for 1-3 months.


  • Can extend your boundary
  • Can cover over ½ acres of property
  • The battery is durable
  • The neck measurement is adjustable
  • The containment fence can should 8lbs of weight
  • It is easy to set up
  • The receiver is waterproof


  • A blur in the boundary
  • A bit pricey
  • May not work on a yard that is not flat

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  • Can cover 11 acres
  • It has an easy installation process· Can contain 2 dogs
  • You don’t have to bury any wires for installation
  • The collar is waterproof
  • The neck sizes are varied

The Havahart Radial Wireless System works well with medium sized dogs and it allows your dogs to roam around because it has a range of 20 to 400 feet. Also, the Havart wireless system works great for dogs that weigh over 8 pounds and if your dog belongs to that weight, this product is the best deal for you.

The gear can even accommodate any type of dogs that have a neck measurement of 14-26 inches. However, in comparison to the other brands such as PetSafe Wireless Containment System PIF-300, this fence can only shoulder two dogs.

On a side note, the boundary blur is considered to be one of the best but its only between 1 and 1.5 feet. The static correction also stops after 30 seconds. One setback with this product is that the batteries do not last for a long time. It needs to be charged after 3 days the max. The product offers two battery packs that you can interchange.


  • You can always check the battery level in a real time setting
  • It will notify you if your pet has left the yard
  • Works well with medium sized dogs
  • Has a range of 20-400 feet


  • If there are trees or any type of obstruction, it does work well
  • It is not reliable at times
  • Batteries do not last for a long time

No products found.

  • Can cover 11 acres
  • It has an easy installation process
  • Can contain 2 dogs
  • You don’t have to bury any wires for installation
  • The collar is waterproof
  • The neck sizes are varied
  • Has correction levels

This type of wireless dog fence works great if you own a small dog. It can cover 11 acres of property allowing your dogs to roam and play without limitations.

This type of fence is also suitable for dogs that weigh over 8 pounds and have neck sizes ranging between 12 and 17 inches. One setback for this product is that it can only cater two dogs.

On a different note, it has a classic boundary blur that covers 1 and 1.5 feet, but has a static correction that lingers for about 30 seconds. While using the product, I also came to find out the rechargeable batteries have to be charged in a span of 3 days the most.


  • Wide space and coverage
  • It is great for areas that are wooded
  • Easy installation process


  • Batteries are not reliable to last for a day
  • Barrier limit has some glitches

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  • The Wi-Fi Collar Transceiver offers the most advanced collar available in the market today
  • It offers a battery charger
  • Has highly integrated chips
  • Is wire-free and consistently tracks the location of your dog at any given time

The Perimeter Technologies WiFi Wireless Fence provides your dog ample space to roam. It offers up to 2.5 acres of playing space. Moreover, you can install it at any given flat space or even mount it on a wall. It also works great if you own a dog that weighs10-20 lbs.

As for the neck size, it can cater up to 26 inches. One problem is that it cannot handle more than 2 dogs. Besides that, additional features include being waterproof and the signal is not easily lost.

The batteries need to be recharged from time to time as well. But, you can use the batteries for more than 7 hours, up to 8 hours the most. Since the receiver and the transmitter comes with batteries, it is imperative that recharging these gears are done in order for the product to function well.


  • The wire dog fence is easy to set up
  • Uses highly advanced chips
  • Affordable


  • The signals are not reliable
  • The collar is not reliable

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  • Has a maximum range of 500 meters and min. range is 20 meters from transmitter
  • It features 100 levels of intensity which has no jump step for remote range adjustment
  • Pulsed proportional stimulus
  • It boasts of having progressive tone stimulus

If you are looking for a wireless dog fence that is reliable, most dog owners are buying this product, Dog Fence Wireless Containment System, Focuspet.

One thing that I find amazing with this dog gear is its WIFI capability feature. Rather than using a wired connection, this wireless dog fence makes use of technology and has integrated WIFI features to provide state of the art protection for your dogs.

Placing the transmitter at the center, your dog can get to enjoy 500 meter. Also, in a much larger space, your dog can go freely and safely go anywhere as long as it is within your fence. I have used this product for dog training at home or even when I go out on the countryside.


  • Has a wide berth of space
  • Uses WIFI connection
  • Reliable and sturdy for use
  • Works with any type of dogs


  • Some issues with the transmitter
  • The wireless dog fence might not work well if the WIFI is not strong or malfunctioning

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Why Choose a Wireless Fence?

Just like you, I once faced the question as to why I should buy a wireless dog fence for my dog when a wired one can get the job done. Until I realize the flaws of having a wired fence installed on my lawn or property. One of the flaws is having to endure the wires being used to make your fence working.

On the other hand, having a wireless dog fence is not that hard to install and much safer in comparison to using an electric fence or buying a traditional fence. One stellar thing about having a fence that is wireless is portability.

Even today, I still find traditional fences more cumbersome and the process that it entails is even more harder. For one, digging is needed. Also, you need to buy materials to build the fence and fixing the poles are among the preparations that must be done.

On top of that, I need to get people on board to help me in installing the traditional fence on my lawn. Not only that, it will cost you a lot of time as well as resources if you opt to have a traditional fence.

If you happen to own a terrier as a pet that digs all the time, it might be troubling for you at the latter time. This is precisely one of the reasons why you need the best wireless dog fence set up in your home because can just plug it and use it anytime you want to.

Features that You Should Consider before Buying the Wireless Dog Fence

If you are hunting for the best wireless dog fence, you should look and see if the wireless dog fence is portable or not. Being a dog owner, I take my dog with me when I travel or just enjoy the country breeze.


To ensure that my dogs are safe, having a portable wireless dog fence is a necessity. If you have a wireless dog fence and you have already trained your dog to respond a beep, it is easier to let your dog loose and let it play. All you need to do is plug the transmitter and its good to go. You can also carry a transmitter and setup the wireless dog fence anywhere you are.

Check the transmitter if its reliable and the correction works well

Each wireless fence consists of more than one part or segment. It is composed of a collar receiver along with a transmitter. The part that is used as a boundary center is the transmitter and the transmitter is the main factor that connects to the receiver, which is the collar placed on your dogs. The wireless dog fence should have a reliable transmitter and a correction feature that works well and does not malfunction. Check for reviews and other consumer feedbacks in order to gather some data about each product.

Check if the wireless dog fence is circular or radial

The fence should be circular or you can also check if its radial. If you happen to own a yard or a piece of land that is wide and big, having a circular or radial feature is not a problem. If you want to tweak the boundaries, you may need to get a radial one because it can provide more room and space for your dog to play.


Besides ensuring the safety of your dogs, it is a needed that your dogs are given the freedom to play and roam whenever they want too. The space should not be limited, but at the same time, it should be secure.

This is where the wireless dog fence comes in. I came across this product when I came to a realization that my dog needs to run and go out to the yard to play. Since I am worried for my dog’s safety, I decided to search for some protective measures for my dog.

I looked up and searched for many options and preferred the wireless dog fence. Based on what I have mentioned above, the wireless dog fence is more fitting and its portability feature makes it even more appealing.

Out of the five products, I prefer The PetSafe Wireless Containment System PIF-300 and Perimeter Technologies WiFi Wireless Fence. The features of these two products are exemplary and the product's portability features are among the reasons why I chose these two products. The best wireless dog fence will come in handy which is why having the best fence is imperative for you.

I hope that this guide will provide you the necessary details that you will need to buy the best wireless dog fence. If you have used this product before, feel free to let me know and leave some comments behind. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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