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best retractable dog leash

Can you imagine yourself owning a willful Yorkie or Dachshund that scurries a lot without a retractable dog leash? I cannot. That’s why I took the rightful initiative to look for one. Needless to say, the days that followed have been a bliss for both I and my puppies.

And if you happen to have a dog that roams a lot or is just plainly riotous, now is the time to get the best retractable dog leash.This article should not only provide you that much-needed peace and fret-free social occasions with your dogs but should also make you a pro in terms of using a retractable dog leash.

Right before the concluding part, we’ll also be unveiling the only buying guide you should know when buying this godsend of a leash.Meanwhile, the following section is intended for those whose time is a little more hectic than some of us. Without dilly-dallying, here are our top picks for the best retractable dog leashes.

Best Retractable Dog Leash

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Control is definitely crafted in each segment of our next retractable dog leash entry.

From its reliable internal mechanism that allows you to decide just how far your dog should be able to reach from your distance right down to its flexible button that gets hold of it, this leash is also suitable for those who own large, frequently excited dogs.

It should support you with its strong and comfortable grip that boasts of the durable ABS casing and an ergonomic, anti-slip handle.

Meanwhile, its accompanying thick, long nylon leash and the heavy duty internal spring can easily handle pets that weigh up to 110 lbs. On the other hand, the product’s longevity is proven as the leash itself is made to last a lifetime.

Capping off this impressive list of perks is the much-needed dog care eBooks that come with the item. Right after your purchase, you’ll be receiving .pdfs files of the comprehensive guide on how to keep your dog healthy along with a first aid manual, and that step-by-step puppy training instructional book, culminating in a canine experience that should be both worthwhile and enjoyable.


  • Dog care eBooks are included (e.g. first aid manual, puppy training handbook)
  • Can cater to dogs of all sizes (up to 110lbs)
  • Grip comes with durable ABS casing
  • Ergonomic, anti-slip handle
  • Can operate in minus 86 degree conditions
  • Dogs can wander up to 16ft away


  • Chord is a little flimsy
  • Button is a bit fragile

TaoTronics surely knows how to lure some of the most practical dog owners today. Apart from the usual offering you may likely get from a retractable dog leash, this one took it up a notch with its high practical add-ons such as bags and dog waste dispenser — features that I would appreciate without a doubt!

Meanwhile, the leash nylon tape can be extended to up to 16ft. This leash is all that you need if you’re looking for something that can withstand the wear and tear of its daily use as it’s definitely made to last.

Also in its inclusion are the durable plastic casing, ergonomic grip, and a handle that resists slipping!Akin with the previous entry, TaoTronic’s entry can also handle to up to 110lbs-weighing dogs.

As such, you won’t have to fret over whether your Herculean dogs will be able to break this equipment or not. The product also has a weatherproof feature, allowing the owners to use it even in freezing temperatures.


  • Caters to all types of weather conditions
  • Comes with premium spring for greater retracting performance
  • Heavy-duty design; ABS casing & anti-slip handle
  • Features fray-proof, 16ft, nylon ribbon
  • Add-ons include roll of plastic bags, dog waste dispenser
  • Ideal for small-, medium-, and large-sized dogs


  • A bit too big and cumbersome for some
  • Included button could get fragile after consecutive use

Available in all three sizes, our first Flexi entry doesn’t shy away from showing its real purpose. Probably its most hallmark feature is the accompanying reflective stickers and neon-colored offerings which should make it ideal for an evening walk.

Your walk should also be worry-free as its handle is convenient due to its single-handed use of the brake button along with the distinctive, permanent feature.

This German-made entry boasts its proprietary “freedom on the leash” function which makes your walk worthwhile and comfortable. Its flexi cord is smooth as it leashes or even when it unrolls and retracts.


  • Ideal for larger dogs
  • Features bite belt for additional security
  • Boasts reliable control and brake mechanism
  • Comes with reflective stickers
  • Neon-colored leash and brake button for more visibility
  • Lightweight and compact
  • German-made


  • Reflective stickers are thick, hard, and sharp
  • Outer part of the cord frays off easily

The Flexi New Classic Cord Leash’s aesthetically-pleasing offering is only rivaled by its own reliable features. The second Flexi on our list, this one is decidedly fast and responsive enough due to its short-stop, one-handed braking system.

Also, your dogs have their ultimate freedom as the item comes with an elongated 26ft cord. This Flexi contender won’t be complete without its distinctive reflective bite belt that indubitably improves visibility during your evening walk.

If you want to further its already improved functions, you can always opt to upgrade the product with some of the most practical accessories that specially made for it. Two of which are the optional LED lighting system and the Multi Box which can store waste bags and treats.


  • Upgradeable with useful accessories (LED Lighting System, Multi Box)
  • Features proprietary “Freedom on the leash”
  • Comes with Short-Stroke Braking System
  • Armed with reflective bite belt for more visibility
  • Ergonomic grip handle
  • 26ft cord for flexibility and more freedom
  • German-made


  • A bit too pricey
  • Cord comes off as fragile when used consecutively

Our first entry is already hitting all the right points, the right way. Its reliability comes with its lock button that provides the capability to the owner in terms of adjusting the length of the leash just when you rightly needed it.

Meanwhile, this offering should allow the leash to retain itself at a constant length — ensuring you control over your dog’s safety.

This retractable leash is also equipped with an extension of up to 16.4ft, making it suitable for pets that weight to up to 66lbs. Ultimately, the leash features the eco-friendly material, nylon; an ABS plastic casing that is both non-toxic and odorless is included, making it all the more suitable for use right in any environment.

Meanwhile, your dog’s comfort and safety won’t be compromised with URPOWER’s ergonomic TPE slip handle that is also armed with an anti-slip functionality. As such, the enjoyment that goes with it is guaranteed sans all the unnecessary worry and injury.


  • Comes with one-button brake and lock safety mechanism
  • Leash can extend up to 16.4ft
  • Ideal for dogs with weight to up to 66lbs
  • Made of durable materials
  • Made of eco-friendly nylon
  • Has an ABS plastic casing; odorless and non-toxic
  • Anti-slip handle


  • Not ideal for small dogs
  • Fragile retractable mechanism

Your Quick Buying Guide to Choosing the Best Retractable Dog Leash

Just as with all the products that you buy, purchasing a retractable dog leash also comes with key factors that need to be considered. These criteria are all that you need when looking for the best one for your dog. Once you get yourself acquainted with them, make certain that you still research the following especially when you’re buying online or from your local pet store:

1.  Length

The longer the length of your leash, the more freedom your dogs are bound to get. This decision should greatly rely upon your discretion whether you’d like to discipline or control your dog more aggressively while walking. For dogs who are still struggling from mastering your basic training, it’s advised that you get those with the shorter length. The same logic applies to those who own hyperactive and energetic dogs.

2.  Durability

I used to be unapologetically cheap when it comes to buying stuff for my dogs. This goes without saying that the results were not successful: almost all of these items were either damaged shortly or were discontinued due to an expected, poor quality. As such, I’d highly recommend that you go for a retractable leash that is equipped with more durable materials even if they’re a bit pricier. This type of leash should also benefit those who own overzealous pets!

3.  Thickness

Thickness should very well be at the top of your list when you have larger or heavier dogs. Thicker or wider leashes are also a much better choice for dogs who scurry a lot. Thinner ones won’t likely withstand the wear and tear of its daily use.

4.  Clip Quality

The more durable the clip of your retractable leash is, the better it should withstand the test of time. If you’ve been through a couple of retractable dog leashes already, you’d know that cheaper variants often come with some of the weakest clips in the market. Don’t hop on on the bandwagon of the inexpensive if you want to be spared of this common foible. Stronger clips also possess those that fasten safely and securely right to the collar or harness of your dogs.

5.  Reflective Cords

Do you often walk your dogs during the night? If so, a reflective cord is a must-have feature on your retractable leash.

Essential Tips on How to Use a Retractable Dog Leash

A retractable dog leash is a helpful tool especially when it’s used properly. Ensure that you equip yourself with the following tips if you want to master the art of dog-leashing:

#1 Perhaps the most important thing you need to be sure of first when using a retractable dog leash is the capability of your dog to be trained and controlled. If your pet is beyond willful, it is best to train them first with it accordingly.

#2 The collar or harness of your dog should fit snugly right before you opt for using this kind of leash. Next, you may begin extending the leash by using the brake button so you can attach the metal buckle right to the collar’s “D-ring” part.

#3 Ensure that you use and hold the leash always by the handle and not through its cord or belt. Using the latter may result in injury to you and your dog.

#4 When the attachment is successful, you may extend the leash to a walking distance that you deem to be comfortable for you and your dog.

#5 Talking about the right distance, make sure your pet isn’t that far from you. This should veer your dog away from potentially dangerous situations.

#6 if you’ve allowed your dog to get too far (with an unlocked brake button), you can get him closer by unlocking the brake in which you can pick the slack from the leash while walking.

#7 Whenever a hazardous situation looms ahead, ensure that your dog is close to your side. Also, the brake has to be pressed and the leash extended to a short length only.

#8 A slacking leash is not advised for those dogs that often bolt off to different directions. Too much slack on your leash may harm your dog.

#9 Your leash should get wet inevitably. And when that happens, simply extend the leash right to its maximum length so that the wet portion will dry off.

#10 During a particularly hot weather, allow your dog to rest not only after your stroll but also during the occasion.

#11 Don’t get too technical with your retractable dog leash especially when walking with your dog. This takes away the fun and quality time that both of you should have in the first place.


Fragility is without a doubt the most common drawback among our entries. In this regard, it’s but important to determine which of them has the most durable offering relative to its materials and the reliability of its features.

The TaoTronics Retractable Dog Leash is easily a standout in terms of durability, functionality, and practicality. This entry just gives out a whole lot of offerings than it really should.

There you go! I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading through our top picks along with our essential guide and tips on choosing the best retractable dog leash. If you think I’ve missed on something crucial or you feel that another product deserves a spot on our list, please feel free to sound them off in the comment section below!


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