Top 10 Best Guarding Dogs for Families with Children

Best Guarding Dogs for Families with Children


Based on recent statistics, an alarming number of property crimes and break-ins are rising. Every 13 seconds, a home burglary occurs in the U.S. 327,374 robberies nationwide were estimated which accounted for an estimated $390 million property loss.

Are you going to let this happen to your home?

Prevention is better than cure. You do not need to spend a lot of money. An Ultimate Guide for the Best Guarding Dog for Families with children will help to protect your home.

Today, I will give you the ultimate guide for the top 10 best guarding dogs for families with children – be prepared, number 10 will melt your heart!

Lists of the top 10 best guarding dogs for your family and children

In this article, I am going to tell you the characteristics, history, and some tips on owning the different best guarding dogs which are suitable for your family and children.

#1 Great Dane

This giant-looking dog might be a fiercely vicious animal ready to attack intruders, but deep inside it has a warm, gentle heart and a friendly attitude, making it perfect for your kids. They were bred for hunting and guarding households.

They are loving, patient, and dependable but have an intimidating bark and can deter intruders by their size. A great balance of strength, size and characters.

To take care of this dog, you must keep in mind that he needs regular exercise like daily walks, constant attention and make sure to properly train him to be familiar with the rules of your home.

He would be an absolutely devoted guard dog to you and your family and would never hurt your loved ones.

#2 Caucasian Shepherd

Caucasian Shepherds, also known as Caucasian Ovacharka, are a strong, furry and enormous shepherd breed.

These dogs are often used to guard and protect households and to kill predatory animals. They are also used as border patrol dogs as they are very aggressive and territorial in nature. Their looks and bark are terrifying, which can scare away anyone.

If you own Caucasian shepherds, you must remember that they can be very aggressive to people and should be trained properly.

#3 Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, called the Swissy, belongs to the Swiss Alps. He has a large size and a thick coat, which can be very frightening to intruders. He is very protective and he loves to work – a good companion for outdoor activities like mountain climbing or hiking.

However, on these outdoor adventures, you must remember that since they are large and have thick coat, your Swissy may not be able to do excessive exercises at warm temperatures.

#4 Komondor

For 10 centuries, the Komondor has been the Hungarian working dog.

He has a giant body and looks like a moving mop because of its heavy white cords coat. This coat keeps him warm during the cold weather, protects his body from attacks, and mix in with the flocks that he is watching. He is a very gentle and loving dog to the family.

However, if you want to have a Komondor, you must be willing to give more attention to grooming your dog.

#5 Great Pyrenees

Great Pyreneeses, also known as the Pyrenean Mountain dogs, are adorable, loyal, and fluffy. They are great guardians and were bred to protect livestock like sheep from wolves and bears.

They are fearless and have a strong will, but are also very serene and tolerant. They are good for frightening invaders, but still very loving, gentle and protective dogs for your family.

They are smart and can understand the changes at home – distinguishing between family guests and intruders. However, they do require more training as they are a difficult breed to train.

Great Pyrenees puppies often bark and growl but with proper training, this behavior can be changed. Aside from training, another thing you need to remember is to brush his hair twice a day because messy hair can lead to health problems.

#6 Rottweiler

Rottweilers are very aggressive and intimidating, but also loving in nature. They were used by the Roman army during the war and served as protection when the soldiers slept. They were also helpful in combat.

Rottweilers are loyal and devoted and love to please their owner. With their obedient nature, they are the happiest when they are given orders.

Another great thing about this breed is that they have a fantastic health history and have few health problems. You do have to train them properly and provide good exercise.

Proper training makes them smarter and more confident, making them better guard dogs for your family.

#7 Doberman pinscher

Doberman pinscher, a shorthaired breed, is a very clever, obedient and determined dog who is fearless, but a loving companion for your family. He is easily-trained and with his big size, muscular stature, and agility, he is very popular as a police and war dog.

He is very alert and cautious, especially when there are strangers around. His growl and bark are menacing, which will make any housebreaker run.

Some Doberman Pinscher can be difficult to train. This is why they are best raised from puppies sine this makes it easier for you to establish control at his early life.

It would be even better if the Doberman Pinscher can grow up with your children. This is the best way to make him a loving guard dog for your family.

#8 Boxer

Boxers are clever, loyal, alert and can easily be trained. They are also fun-loving and extremely loyal. They may look threatening, but actually have a strong desire for attention, of both the adults and kids of your family.

They love to be around people and they are very alert to danger. Thus, they can provide powerful protection when there are threats. However, they do have a problem.

Boxers have a long list of health issues, including bloating, cancer, bone problems and intestinal issues. Because of these issues, you should also pay more attention to Boxers to make sure he can grow old with you.

#9 Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese mountain dog is a large, strong, and intelligent breed, a very suitable pet for kids. He is calm and has a good nature. He loves playing and spending time with family members.

He is not very aggressive in nature, but he can deter any thief with his frightening bark and size. Bernese Mountain Dogs were used by Romans as guardians of cattle and property.

As he has pretty thick hair, you must brush his hair frequently. At home, he loves to stay by your side and never want to be left alone.

#10 German Shepherds

German Shepherds are confident, loving and faithful. They have terrifying appearance, which threatens trespassers; fantastic size, which can take down anyone without much trouble; and thick fur which protects them from cold temperature.

They live to please their owner so they listen, learn and obey properly. They are very easy to train and can form strong relationships with people. They are fearless and commonly used for military works such as tracking enemy scents and detecting mines.

They have very few medical problems so with your love and patience, training and raising a German Shepherds will be easy. With their intelligence and obedience, they can be the best guard dog for your family, especially for your kids.


Guarding your family and house is very important. For me, the guarding dog that touched my heart is the German shepherd. He is fearless and has a very unique and loving personality.

Do not compromise your security at home. Why not employ one the top 10 best guarding dogs to help you protect your family?

Which one in the list is your favourite? You can write it down in our comment box below. If you own one of them, you can share a memorable story with your lovable dog.

We'll be glad to read them! For suggestions or questions, leave us a message. If you like this article, don't forget to share it. Until our next reading!


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