5 Best Dog Nail Clippers: Easy And Happy Grooming

Best Dog Nail Clippers

Grooming your dog is a long and tedious process. It gets worse with claw care since it requires your pooch to stay still.

As most dogs are disinterested in keeping their claws short and clean, effective nail clipping requires patience, technique, and the best dog nail clippers that you can find.

Before going into details about which option to get, there are a couple of things you need to know when it comes to grooming your dog's nails. These information will help you make an educated decision about which choice fits your needs.

5 Best Dog Nail Clippers

Size and breed are two things to consider when choosing the type of nail trimmer. Here are your options:

Guillotine Style

Best Dog Nail Clipper

This style is the simplest to use and the most common out in the market today. It is best for smaller dogs since their nails are more delicate and it can be tricky to cut when they fidget.

All you need to do is to simply insert the nail into the metal hole then gently squeeze the handle. The blade will simply slide through the excess nail, leaving a clean trim.

However, this type of trimmer is not suited for bigger dogs as it does not have enough force to cut thicker nails. Another downside is the blade will get blunt with use and will have to be replaced every now and then.

Large Dog or Miller's Forge Trimmers

Best Dog Nail Clipper

Medium to large size dogs have thicker nails that need stronger clippers. Also known as scissor trimmers, this type is called as such because it looks like scissors, but with semicircular indentions on the blade.

This design allows for more force in cutting thicker nails. It is also made in such a way that there is no need to replace the blades.

One downside, however, is this type is not suited for smaller dogs. At the same time, people with arthritis might find this clipper difficult to use due to the shape of its handles.

Powered Trimmers

Best Dog Nail Clipper

If you do not like the jagged edges on your dog's nails due to clipping, you can simply file them using these powered nail files.

Made of small, rotating sandpaper, this alternative allows slow, incremental claw care. The best part about this is you skip the risk of accidentally cutting your dog's skin.

Grinder Tools

Best Dog Nail Clipper

Instead of clipping, you can grind down the nail. This works best for dogs that are too fidgety when being groomed or for those who have very thick nails. The only problem with this method is you need to train your dog to get used to the vibrating sensation.

Although training may take longer than the actual clipping, this method is worth the time and effort as it gets easier the more you use it.

​Top 5 Best Dog Nail Clippers

​Now that you know your choices, it is time to pick the best one that is sold in the market today. Here are 5 highly recommended choices:

Another best selling item is this merchandise from Epica. It works best for medium to large size dogs.

Its design allows enough comfort to your hands and angle to put force into cutting thick pet nails. It is extremely sharp and the high quality blades don't get blunt easily.

Best Professional Pet Nail Clipper

Via Amazon.com


  • Made to avoid injuries through its precise and easy cutting engineering
  • Blades are guaranteed to stay sharp for a long period of time
  • Has a clipper lock to ensure safety when not in use
  • Comes with a 100% lifetime warranty


  • May not work as effectively for certain dog breeds particularly those with thick, hard nails
  • Design may also not fit some medium to large size dogs due to genetic or unique nail traits or shapes
  • Suited more for dogs with thinner nails

Capable of cutting nails of different thickness, this awesome creation from OmegaPet is cheap but high quality.

Lightweight and very easy to maneuver at different angles, this item comes with ergonomic handle and safety guard.


  • Cut clean with least amount of pressure
  • Stainless steel clipper for dogs designed for lifelong easy trimming and clean cutting
  • Quick and painless grooming
  • Ergonomically designed handles for easy grip
  • Easy to use, which is highly efficient for dog owners who find paw grooming challenging
  • Comes with a sensor that works efficiently to avoid injuries


  • May not suit certain types of breeds or dogs with super thick and hard nails
  • The quick sensor serves as a guide in trimming the nails. However, this may not be as effective to all types of dog breeds as some dogs may have unique nail structure or thickness
  • Like other clippers, this needs proper maintenance and storage to stay sharp

Sharp, easy to use, and reliable, this nail trimmer from Safari has everything you can expect from a top-shelf item.

It is in second place because of its traditional design mixed with the latest improvements in pet nail care.


  • Sharp stainless steel that is guaranteed to last for a long time
  • Comes with a safety stop and locking blades, which is effective in preventing injuries
  • Handles are rubber coated to add comfort for gripping
  • Easy to use and provides precise and clean cut without exerting too much effort


  • Blades may not be sharp enough for certain dog breeds and nails. In which case, the clipper needs to be sharpened and well maintained to keep it in maximum performance
  • May be too bulky for small claws

Lightweight and easy to grip, this Woofiy creation comes with a guard to help avoid clipping accidents. It also comes with a handy nail file.

That said, these clippers are great for dog owners who have less experience with cutting their dog's nails. You will also find this extremely easy to use.


  • Safety guard to avoid overcutting
  • Comes with a free nail file and razor sharp blades
  • Handles are designed to be sturdy and non slippery
  • Made with 3.5 mm thick stainless steel sharp blades
  • Easy to use even for non professionals


  • Blades might not be able to penetrate nails of certain dog breeds
  • Depending on the thickness of the nail, you may need to hold the clipper at a certain angle to make a clean cut

Commercially known as Dremel MiniMite Cordless Two-Speed Rotary Tool, this electronic pet grooming kit is at the top of our list because it can trim, cut, and shape your pet's nails with as little effort as possible.

Safe and effective, the Dremel nail grinder is more expensive than traditional options, but it is absolutely worth its price.


  • Safe, effective, and less stressful to use
  • Cordless operation to allow more movement and control
  • Comes in two rotation speeds to provide safe and careful grinding of the nails


  • The process may be too noisy for some dogs
  • You have to train your dog to get used to it
  • Some dogs may never get comfortable with it at all that it's best to use the manual option

Last Thoughts on the Best Dog Nail Clippers

The list is a rundown of the best products in the market at the moment. Obviously, the best choice is the number one pick for this review. However, it will also depend on your pet's attitude towards grooming as well as your preference as the caretaker.

Once you have purchased your choice, make sure you know how to use it properly first before using it on your dog. Follow instructions to avoid bleeding and injuries. And finally, make it a habit of cutting your dog's nails and creating a non-threatening environment when you do it.

Eventually, your dog will associate this as a positive experience and will be less difficult on your next grooming session.


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