Best Dog Grooming Tips

best dog grooming tips

As a pet owner, you feel good when your pet looks her best. Grooming your pet is important as it helps the two of you bond. To groom your dog efficiently, you need to know the entire process like the back of your hand. An unclean coat invites pests to your pet and that usually means more problems afterwards. Keeping your pet well-groomed at all times not only makes her look appealing but also happy and healthy.

Additionally, you become accustomed to her body, which makes it easy to spot health issues early. Before you begin the grooming process, be sure you know your pet’s breed. That way, you can easily find out her grooming requirements. In the following section, we have listed important grooming tips to help you keep her neat and healthy.

Coat Care

Dog hair tends to develop Matts if you don’t brush it regularly. Matts cause your pet a lot of discomfort because they pull and inflame her skin. Getting rid of Matts is painful and uncomfortable. Coat care is important even for pets with a short, flat coat because it distributes essential skin oil. Having said that, you need basic dog grooming tools to keep her coat straight and healthy. Metal flea combs last and they work well when it comes to removing dead fur. If you have a pet whose coat is tangled, a comb won’t help because she will feel a lot of pain.

Brushing her coat on a regular basis stimulates flow of blood and distributes essential oils. For pets with shorter coats, brush every week. However, breeds with shaggy or thick coats like the Afghan require brushing on a daily basis. Use a wire slicker, it untangles Matts while a mitt gets rid of loose fur easily. If you want best results, ensure your brush touches the skin.

Short haired dogs need natural bristles. For pet parents with Huskies or Collies, natural bristles are the best options because these pets have a double coat, so to speak. Ensure you mist her coat with conditioner before you start brushing. A moist coat helps the brush slide through smoothly. If you come across Matts, smoothen them out with baby oil. After a few minutes, loosen them out with a comb or your fingers. Straighten the loosened section gently and make sure not to injure your pet’s coat.


Routine dog foot care is an important part of your pet’s care regime. Dogs are usually on their feet almost all the time. Because your pet does not wear shoes, she is likely to get cuts from sharp objects like glass. Have a look at her feet regularly and make sure there are no goat heads or foxtails. If you find grass seeds stuck in between the paw, take them out with a tweezer. A pedicure works out well on a grooming table. Place her on top of one rather than bending down to her level, which is very tiring. Minor cuts or mild skin irritations are the leading cause of sweat gland infection in dogs. As a result, some pets have abscesses or swellings between their toes. Soak the infected foot in salty water to relieve pain. If the infection looks sever, have your vet check her out.  

Trimming your pet’s nails requires perseverance and a lot of patience. A dog with short nails wont damage your carpet or floor and her nails don’t snag, in-grow or break. Start clipping her nails as soon as possible so that she gets used to nail grooming. Use nail grinders meant for dogs, and for best results let her relax before you begin clipping the nails. Clip right where the nails begin to curve, but beyond the quick region. Dogs with clear nails are easier to clip because the quick is easier to locate. However, most dogs have much dark nails, thus, if you clip too much of the nail, a styptic powder helps with the bleeding. Alternatively, use cornstarch, it is effective at stopping bleeding. Be sure to trim your pet’s nails at least every fortnight. Check your pet’s nails while she is standing on the floor. If they touch the floor, have them clipped.

Dental care

Dogs don’t suffer from cavities that often, although their gums get infected due to buildup of tartar. In fact, many of the cases vets handle are because of gum infection. Other than bad breath, gum infection can lead to chewing difficulty, kidney issues or even heart diseases. Proper hygiene should start at a young age. Good hygiene in pups reduces the risk of developing gum infection. To clean your pet’s teeth and gums, buy her a soft toothbrush with a tooth cleaning formulation meant for dogs. The other option is to tie wire gauze around a finger and use it to clean her teeth gently. You can easily prepare toothpaste using baking soda, salt and some water. Apply this mixture using a dog toothbrush or a wire gauze. Preferably, brush her teeth daily, but weekly cleaning works just fine. A vet, with your pet under general anesthesia, should remove accumulated Tartar.


Clean your pet’s ears on a weekly or even monthly basis. Pay more attention if your pet has hoppy ears. Ensure you moisten a cloth or cotton ball with Olive oil and slowly wipe inside her ears. Cotton swabs are not ideal in this case as they can easily damage your pet’s inner ear. Some breeds, such as Poodles and Terriers have hair in the ears. Pluck out this hair to ensure wax does not accumulate inside the ears. While you are at it, look out for possible signs of ear infection. For instance, if your pet shakes the head a lot, or has smelly ears have her checked by a vet. Most ear infections are due to poor circulation of air and they occur in pets with floppy ears quite frequently. However, if your pet shakes the head but there is no sign of infection, check for mites. A common sign of mites is presence of dark fragments resembling ground coffee.

Proper grooming is the best remedy where ear infections are concerned. Clean her ears on a regular basis, and keep them dry at all times. When giving her a bath, place cotton buds in her ears to prevent water from entering the ear canal. Also, dry the ears carefully once you have finished washing her.


Like her ears, the eyes are delicate organs and require tender care. Have a look at her eyes every day and get rid of dried deposits around the corners using moistened wool. Check her eyes for signs of redness, discharge or tearing. If your pet’s eyes show signs of excessive tearing, have her checked by a vet for diagnosis and treatment.

Bathing your dog

You don’t have to bath her daily, but a bath is important either way, especially when she is dirty or smelly. However, let her get used to bathing while young. Make bath time fun and comfortable so that it is easier to wash her when she grows up. Take the scouts motto seriously, and be prepared. Have all the tools you need ready like cotton balls, brush, shampoo, towels and a dryer. If you've got a shih tzu and need shampoo  go to go to Also, place a rubber pad at the bottom of your tab so that she won’t slide and break a leg. Brush her hair carefully before you place her in the tab to remove loose and tangled hair. Place cotton balls in her ears, gently, and don’t push them too far into the ear canal. Once you have washed her, dry her up with a blow dryer and be sure not to set the dryer to high or hot. Furthermore, don’t place blow dryer too close to her skin.  Keep her in a well-heated room until she dries completely.

Professional Groomer

Not every pet parent is able to groom her dog at home. That does not mean your pet should not look neat and healthy. You can easily schedule a trip to professional groomers such as Likeable Pets. Some pets are high maintenance, and all the spare time in the world won’t get them the level of grooming they need. A professional groomer best handles such pets. Other pet parents prefer a professional touch. Professional groomers also know how to spot bumps, lumps, spots and injuries that you did not see because of your pet’s thick hair.

Final Word

A healthy pet is every parent’s dream. For that reason, grooming is an important part of her well-being. Grooming helps to keep away infections and parasites, especially if a professional groomer does it. Pay special attention to her coat, ears, eyes, teeth and bath. Grooming is important because, in most cases, that is when you can spot the tale-tell signs of diseases or injury. If you are not able to groom your pet at home, enlist the services of professional groomers. That way, you won’t miss the tiny details, and your pet will remain healthy for a long time.


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