Best Dog Food for Shih Tzu – Top Picks and Buying Guide


Ever heard of the catchphrase small but terrible? Well, if you are a proud dog owner of, I’m sure you do. Shih Tzu is miniature in size but is very big in spirit. What do I mean by this? It means that Shih Tzu may be small but they are tireless little balls of energy.

So do not be fooled by their size. Some people may be fooled into thinking that because they are small, it means they are not active. Wrong. Shih Tzu, in fact, burns calories faster than any typical average big dogs. This means they require a specific dietary plan that will meet all the requirements fit for a Shih Tzu. In this article, I’ve rounded up  top 5 dog food for Shih Tzu.

Reviews of Best Dog Food for Shih Tzu

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Glucosamine for Dogs Advanced Joint & Hip Supplement


This all-natural dog food is only created from the most premium ingredients meaning there are no added preservatives, artificial flavors and is also free from grains, wheat, corn or soy. Moreover, this product is particularly created for dogs of small-sized breeds.

Moving onto its nutrients, its protein content only comes from premium and high-quality sources such as turkey. Moreover, its large protein content is accompanied by a high amount of vitamins and minerals, as well. It also contains the essential omega fatty acids that help in maintaining the shine and health of your dog.

Moreover, it also comes with fiber and antioxidants that come from flax seeds and other premium sources. Additionally, this product also comes with glucosamine which helps in promoting the health of their joints.


  • Specially created for small sized dogs
  • Contains high-quality protein sourced from premium sources
  • Contains high amount of vitamins and minerals
  • Contains antioxidants and fiber
  • Contains omega fatty acids
  • Contains a balanced amount of fats, carbs, protein, vitamins, minerals


  • Some dogs may react badly to chicken and fish

Glucosamine for Dogs Advanced Joint & Hip Supplement


The Blue Buffalo is also specially created for toy breeds. It has an ideal content of protein, carbs, and fats. The one thing I liked about this is that it gets its carbs content from good sources, mainly brown rice and oats.

This helps them burn energy slowly and even adds additional fiber to help promote healthy digestion. More than this, this product contains a balanced amount of vitamins, protein, fats, and minerals.


  • Free from grain, wheat and soy
  • Contains good level and sources of carbs
  • Contains premium protein
  • No added preservatives
  • Contains vitamins and minerals


  • Contains chicken, a common allergen for dogs
  • Picky eaters may refuse to eat this

Glucosamine for Dogs Advanced Joint & Hip Supplement


The one thing I really liked about this is that it is created from organic products. Its nutrients all gathered from, organic chicken, organic potatoes, organic peas, and organic lentils. This ensures that the nutrients you will get from this are premium.

As such, this product is enriched with omega fatty acids that help in maintaining the health of hair, glucosamine to promote joint health, and other vitamins and protein that help in maintaining overall health.


  • Contains glucosamine
  • Made entirely from organic sources
  • Contains protein, vitamins, and omega fatty acids


  • Contains chicken, a common allergen
  • Picky eaters might not like this

Glucosamine for Dogs Advanced Joint & Hip Supplement


This dog food is particularly made for dogs of small sizes. It is composed of-of small kibble sizes that will make it easy for your miniature furry friend to digest easily. However, just like how you should not be fooled by the size of a Shih Tzu, you also shouldn’t be fooled with this small kibble sizes as each kibble is packed with a multitude of nutrients.

This product also contains some of the most premium protein sources such as venison, egg, lamb, duck. As a plus, it contains no chicken which is a common allergy for some dogs.


  • Contains protein sourced from egg, venison, lamb, duck and other premium sources
  • Contains no chicken
  • Taste is very appealing
  • Contains good complex carbs
  • Contains fiber
  • Made for dogs of small sizes


  • It comes with a hefty price tag

Glucosamine for Dogs Advanced Joint & Hip Supplement


The Instinct Grain Free Chicken Meal Formula is also one of my top faves. It also comes as small kibble sizes making it real ideal for the sizes of Shih Tzu pups. It is also loaded with a number of ingredients and nutrients.

First, it contains premium protein which comes from chicken, This, however, can be considered a con as some dogs are allergic to chicken. Second, it also contains omega fatty acids which really helps to promote good, healthy and shiny hair and coat.

Third, it also consists of additional fiber sources such as flax seeds and chickpeas. These help in aiding in digestion.


  • Free from any grain, soy, or wheat
  • It comes in small kibble sizes which are good for your dog’s dental health
  • Contains omega fatty acids that help to promote healthy hair
  • Contains good fiber sources to promote healthy digestion
  • Contains a balanced amount of fats, protein, vitamins


  • Contains chicken which is a deal breaker for dogs with chicken allergies
  • Comes with a hefty price

Shih Tzu may be small but they are one of the most active breeds out there. They are very efficient and lively. As a result of these, they also burn calories faster than most. This fast metabolic processes that undergo inside their body is accompanied by their small stomachs.

These opposing characteristics may lead you to have a hard time deciding on his or her diet plan. Below is a buying guide you can use when choosing the best dog food for your Shih Tzu.

Nutritional Needs of a Shih Tzu

1. Calories

Let us first talk about calories as this part can be very tricky, Shih Tzu may burn calories more than any typical average dog. To be precise, they are three times faster than most big dogs when it comes to burning food. However, this can lead some dog owners to overfeed their dogs. So it is also essential to remember that Shih Tzu has a small stomach.

So how do you find the perfect balance?An average sized typical Shih Tzu would probably need around 205 calories, an older Shih Tzu would need over 167 calories, and a more active Shih Tzu would need around 325 calories. Do take note that this applied to an average sized Shih Tzu.

Of course, every required calorie content will vary from one dog to another. To be specific, for example, if your dog weighs around 5 pounds and he or she has a moderate amount of physical activities every day then the required calorie content for him or her is around 200 to 250.

To get an idea of how much is your dog’s specific calorie content requirement, then you are going to have to do the math. Literally. As a rule of thumb, for every additional pound of weight, your Shih Tzu is going to need 40 to 45 calories more.

2. Protein

Since Shih Tzus are highly active, it goes without saying that they require a large amount of number to rebuild and strengthen their bones, muscles, and body further. As a result of their naturally active personalities, these fireballs’ stomach is designed to take in a big amount of protein.

As a rule of thumb, they need over 30% protein to support their lively and tireless character. A good tip is that you find the dog food with a balanced or close calorie to protein ratio.

3. Carbs and Fats

Fats are absolutely necessary to promote a healthy hair and coat for your Shih Tzus. More importantly, your Shih Tzu’s diet plan should contain an amount of omega fatty acids. Moreover, Carbs is needed for these help in recharging your Shih Tzu’s highly spirited body with a bountiful of energy.

Of course, both of these should come from premium sources. These can come from root veggies, brown rice or some flaxseeds. These are not just good sources of carbs and fats but fiber, as well.

Ingredients to Look For

Now that we have discussed the nutritional necessities of your Shih Tzu. Let us go over the premium ingredients which your dog is going to get his or her nutritional needs from.

When choosing a dietary plan of your Shih Tzu, it is essential that you keep in mind his or her long-term health. Shih Tzu dogs tend to have longer lifespans than most so this is really important.

First, let’s talk about protein. Protein is important for this is what will rebuild and repair their tissues which are good considering how alive and active Shih Tzu is. Their protein content should and must come from premium sources. These can include real meat, fish and turkey among some others.

Second, let us go over the carbs. Your Shih Tzu’s source of carbs must also come from high-quality sources. More importantly, the carbs should be getting are the good complex ones. These can come from brown rice, sweet potatoes, flaxseeds. Good complex carbs are especially good to regulate the blood sugar levels of your Shih Tzu. Especially since they are very prone to cases of hypoglycemia.

For their fats, what is important is that they get an amount of omega fatty acids. This helps to promote a healthy hair and also to maintain a shiny and sparkling coat.But in general and overall, your dog’s diet plan should contain a balanced and integrated amount of carbs, vitamins, minerals, protein, and fats.

Common Health Problems

For Shih Tzu dogs, one of the common health problems they are prone to be hypoglycemia. This occurs when their body is having a hard time stabilizing the blood sugar level and as a result, the blood sugar level becomes too low.

Just the same, they are also prone to cases of having too high blood sugar level. In other words, this is called diabetes. To prevent both of these from happening, make sure your dog gets enough good complex carbs.

Next, Shih Tzu dogs can also be vulnerable to having unhealthy, dull, and flaky coat. This often happens because of two things. One, they lack omega fatty acids and proper fats in their diet plan.

Third, make sure their meal plan contains glucosamine to prevent your dog from being afflicted with joint complications and problems.

Final Thoughts

And the winner for this roundup is the Wellness CORE Dog Food. First of all, it contains a high content of protein taken only from premium sources. Second, it contains good complex carbs that boost your dog’s energy levels and help maintain sugar levels.

Third, it comes with a good amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Additionally, it contains omega fatty acids that help in promoting healthy hair, glucosamine that helps to promote joint health, and fiber for an efficient digestion.

Besides, you can take a look at Selfpetcare to find some more freezing dog food.

So there you have it, guys! I hope this article really helped you on your journey to finding the best dog food for your Shih Tzu! If you have any more questions, suggestions or just recommendations, do not hesitate to leave them down below! 🙂


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