Know The Five Best Dog Food For Your Pit Bulls

Best Dog Food For Pit Bulls

Pit bulls are one of the fiercest, strongest dogs on earth, and the food that you feed them is very important because it will determine their health status. In this list, we’ve rounded up the 5 best dog foods for pit bulls which will surely keep your pit bulls energetic, active and healthy.

5 Best Dog Food For Your Pit Bulls

​How Do I Choose The Best Dog Food For My Pit Bull?

Best Dog Food For Pit bulls

Dogs, specifically pitbulls need a different nutritional requirement. It is important that you are well-aware of the needs of your pit for it to stay healthy and strong. Feeding your pit bull with high-quality, well-balanced dog food is extremely the best way to show it that you care.

In choosing the best dog food for your pet, you should first read the included ingredients to make the dog food.

Ingredients with so much beef, poultry, or fish should always be on your top list as these ingredients carry the most nutrients that are best for your pitbulls, you should look for the these specific ingredients that may come with your purchase.

Secondly, you need to determine how much dog food can your pit bull take, and most common than not, pit bulls are known to be heavy eaters, so you should pick food for your pitbulls that can satiate their appetite.

The best dog food for your pit bull depends on the current situation of your pet, whether it is under or overweight, thin or fat. The way to pick the best dog food for your pit bull is the seek the help of your trusted veterinarian.

​Why Should I Avoid Cheap Dog Food?

Best Dog Food For Pit bulls

As the heading implies, cheap dog food may do more harm than good for your pit bull. Do not be tempted in buying the cheapest ones you find in stores because even if they may save you little money right now, the damage they might do to your pit bull will cost you more in the long run.

Cheap dog food for pit bulls usually does not contain all the necessary nutrients and other vitamins that your dog needs so it can stay active and healthy. Most of these dog foods are processed with fillers and you will basically feed your pet dirt and crap if you chose to buy cheap dog food.

Just imagine your children being fed by food that are not delicious and healthy, that goes the same way for your pit bulls.

However, there are products in the market that aren’t too pricey but are considered the bests for your pit bull. You must learn how to carefully assess labels in order for you to pick affordable, high-quality dog food.

​What Are The Things To Consider In Buying Food For My Pit Bull?

Best Dog Food For Pit bulls

With owning a pitbull comes the responsibility of knowing the nutritional requirements of it. Unlike other smaller pets, pit bulls need top-notch dog food that contains a lot of meat, more than grains and fillers.

Raw food diet is one of the best picks, but it would definitely cost you thrice what you spend when you purchase high-class pit bull food, and raw food diet may not cover all the nutritional needs of your pit bull.

The food you feed your pitbull shall include proteins, calcium, fat and even vitamins and minerals. There are a lot of dog food that can give you the best results, all you need to do is do a little reading and research about the product so you can be aware of what the certain item contains.

Always remember that this dog food you feed your pit bull should include meat, and make sure that you feed them twice per day, cutting the total nutritional requirement into two.

​If My Pit Bull Can Eat Raw Meat, Why Should I Opt To Buy Dog Food Instead?

Best Dog Food For Pit bulls

While raw meat is proven to be full of nutrients and essential vitamins for your dog, you should be aware that feeding your pit bull raw meat very frequently may result in some diseases like digestion problems.

Raw meat is great for your dog, but those commercialized dog food of high-quality can do more for your pets than what raw meats can because dog food are already processed and fortified with the nutrients that your pitbulls definitely need.

Raw meat can be a substitute for your pitbull’s canned food, in fact you can find a lot of recipes to follow and make your own raw meat dog food, but if you’re really eyeing on giving your pet more nutrition in controlled portions, then you should opt to feed them with dog food instead of raw unprocessed meat.

By nourishing your pooch and giving them the correct sustenance from dog food, you will help keep certain medical issues away from them, this is one thing that frequent raw meat consumption cannot do.

Dog food with the best quality may prevent illnesses such as heart and absorption issues. You will likewise guarantee that your pit bull has a solid coat and a well-built muscle essential for big dogs like them.

​Below are the 5 best dog foods for pit bulls, these products might help you keep your friendly monster healthy and active.

This dog food has been tried and tested by a lot of pet lovers and most are happy about it.

There are a lot of other dog foods out in the market but not all of them can work wonders for your pit bulls.

The Taste of the Wild High Prairie Dog Food maybe the food you need to feed your pit if you’re looking for a holistically nourishing dog food.


  • Ingredients include delicious roasted meat, which will surely make your pit bull happy about his food.
  • There are added fruits and vegetables in the ingredients too, so you are sure that your pit gets the proper amount of daily nutrition required for his growth and health.
  • The veggies and fruits convey regular cell reinforcements to secure the skin of your canine.
  • Canines that normally eat this dog food have more beneficial looking coats.
  • This dog food comes pressed with delicious buffalo and venison meat, both cooked for extra added flavor.
  • The meat incorporated into this dog food makes it one of the best canine foods that you can ever feed your pit.
  • Taste Of The Wild is one of the world’s best dog food


  • May cause some allergic reactions to other dogs.
  • Assure that you purchase fresh batch because some can come damp and clumpy.
  • May cause diarrhea for dogs that are not adept to eating buffalo or venison meat.
  • A little pricier compared to other dog food.

This dog food is best known for its good level of protein that is best for pits.

The Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast is more than just a dog foods, it is a feast for you pits as it comes with a lot of delicious ingredients that your pit bull will surely love.

There are a lot of cases when pit bulls become picky eaters but this one product right here is a product that they can’t turn their backs on.


  • Ingredients include lean red meat bison meal and lamb meal packed with high levels of proteins.
  • There is L-Carnitine included in this dog food which helps turn body fat into muscle and energy.
  • Maintains your dog’s healthy body.
  • Has egg protein which is extremely healthy for your dogs.
  • Contains a great number of fruits and veggies, giving your pit all the nutrients it needs daily.
  • Has no glucose, salt or any artificial preservatives that may harm your dog.


  • May cause diarrhea in other dogs.
  • There were reported seizures in larger dogs after consuming this dog food.
  • May not be too appealing to your dog.
  • Bags needs to be constantly checked as zip-locks may not fasten together really well.

This dog food is best for older pit bulls that needs extra energy and a balanced formula.

The Canidae Life Stages Dry Dog Food for Seniors contain high levels of protein that makes senior dogs extra livelier for their age.


  • Contains great levels of probiotics helping your dog with digestion problems.
  • Has reduced fat and protein levels which are perfect for senior dogs.
  • Gives your pit the best optimum intake.
  • Does not contain soy or corn fillers, extremely useless ingredients.
  • A formula approved by veterinarians for older, heavier dogs.
  • Has Omega 6&3 to promote lovely skin and healthy coats.


  • May not be too appealing to eat.
  • Causes foul smelly gas in some bigger, heavier dogs.
  • Too many probiotics may cause intestinal issues.

Your pits would definitely love an entree that is made of duck! Like humans, pit bulls have a huge appetite for food that is delicious and inviting.

The smell of roast duck will surely make your pit bull crave for this Natural Ultramix Grain Free Duck, Sweet Potatoes and Whole Peas Entrée.

Not only that this dog food provides all necessary nutrients that your pit bull needs for growth and strength, it is also made up of filler-free ingredients that assure your pit bull gets all the nutrition it needs during meals.


  • Duck is the primary ingredient for this dog food and it gives you pet incomparable amounts of protein.
  • It contains high-protein kibble, fruits, vegetables, peas and sweet potatoes balancing the food that your pit takes in.
  • The natural fiber in this dog food aids healthy digestion in your pit bull.
  • Carries rich antioxidants combined with several fatty acids assuring that your pit’s coat will be lovelier each day.
  • Definitely no corn, soy and wheat fillers.


  • May induce vomiting to dogs which are not familiar with duck.
  • May also cause severe diarrhea.
  • Dogs may have some spots on their skin when taken in large amounts.

A popular pick by many pit bull lovers, the Orijen Adult Dry Dog Food, maybe the answer to your pit bull food problems.

The balanced ingredient from this product makes it one of the bests when it comes to giving your pit bulls the complete nourishment it needs.

This product may help your pit bull be stronger and allow it to have leaner muscles making it a handsome dog.


  • Fruits and vegetables are included in this dog food’s list of ingredients combined with fresh meat, balancing your dog’s daily meal.
  • 80% of the different meats in Orijen is the perfect fit for human consumption but don’t eat this dog food!
  • Basic ingredients of this dog food are free-run chicken and turkey, whole eggs and wild caught fish. These are all fresh catches and definitely no artificial additives were included in the making of this product.
  • Kelp, juniper berries and marigold flowers are the sources of vitamins and minerals in this dog food as your pit grows and becomes healthier each day.


  • Some dogs who took the product had bloody stool.
  • May cause diarrhea and some intestinal issues on smaller pits.
  • Stool smell may become quite smellier after product intake.


While there are a lot of dog foods you can pick in the market, you should keep in mind that your pit requires more nutritional demands compared to other dog types and while all of those on this list maybe perfect for your pit bulls, you should note that some formulas may work on other pits and some may not.

The idea of finding the perfect dog food for you pit bulls may be confusing, however, we would clearly recommend the Taste of the Wild High Prairie Dog Food as the best dog food for pit bulls, as it has contains high-quality ingredients and low reported number of cases of issues from other dog lovers.

You have all the information you need to find the best food to feed your pet pit, don’t be afraid to try and seek help from experts so you won’t place your buddy in harm of a dog food that is not suitable for it.


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