Best Dog Food for German Shepherd – A Complete Guide

best dog food for german shepherd

Having a German Shepherd is both a privilege and a blessing. He is not just smart, strong and athletic but a very hardworking dog, as well. German Shepherds, after all, work best with the police force due to its notoriety for being one of the easily-trained and obedient dogs but most of all a German Shepherd dog is highly loyal.

For these reasons, having a German Shepherd is a big responsibility as well and it starts with giving your bud the best food that matches all his needs. That being said, here are my top five picks for the year and all the other stuff you need to know!

Reviews of Best Dog Food for German Shepherd

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Glucosamine for Dogs Advanced Joint & Hip Supplement


The Wellness Core Natural dog food is another one of my favorites among the dry dog food brands available in the market. It comes with an all-natural formula that only contains premium ingredients. It does not have any preservatives or grains which can upset your dog’s stomachs.

It also contains all the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants such as glucosamine which promote bone health and fish oils which promote healthy coat. Moreover, it also contains high quality carbs.


  • It has a grain-free formula
  • It contains additional antioxidants and omega fatty acids
  • Contains 80% more protein than the usual
  • Promotes healthy coat
  • Contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals


  • Picky eaters may not like this

Glucosamine for Dogs Advanced Joint & Hip Supplement


Natural Balance Dog Food is one of my top picks among dry dog foods for a number of reasons. One of my dogs is almost allergic to everything but with this dog food brand, he does not have any allergic reactions.

As a dry dog food, this product also offers health benefits for your dog’s oral health and ensures that your dog’s teeth will be stronger. Moreover, it does not just contain premium protein and carbs but also has a premium formula of Brown and Rice and Lamb which secures your dog a balanced amount of all his nutritional needs.


  • As a dry dog food, it offers health benefits for teeth
  • Contains a premium formula of Brown Rice and Lamb
  • Secures your dog a balanced diet plan
  • Contains minerals like calcium and omega fatty acids


  • Contains a large amount of rice which may lead to excess carbs and fats

Glucosamine for Dogs Advanced Joint & Hip Supplement


This dog food product is one of my top picks for it contains a unique formula from the rest of the products in this roundup. The Canine Formula from Taste of the Wild gets its protein source from healthy fish, instead.

It is also a grain-free formula and is made with real smoked salmon giving off a really delicious taste. Moreover, it contains vegetables and fruits and offers balanced nutrients with its fish and protein formula.


  • Made with real smoked salmon
  • Has a grain-free formula
  • Gets its protein source from fish
  • Contains sweet potatoes for a healthy source of carbs


  • There was one instance in which one of my dog got sick

Glucosamine for Dogs Advanced Joint & Hip Supplement


This Natural Balance Premium Dog Food is probably my most fave pick among wet dog food. It contains a healthy and ideal balance of proteins such as meat, lamb, chicken, and beef and other essential nutrients such as vitamin C. Moreover, this product does not contain any artificial preservatives. As a wet food, it also contains moisture which is good for hydration.


  • As a wet food, it contains needed moisture for your dog
  • Contains premium protein such as lamb, chicken, and beef
  • Contains essential nutrients such as vitamin C


  • Does not contain a grain-free formula
  • Contains a lower amount of protein and carbs than the rest in this list

Glucosamine for Dogs Advanced Joint & Hip Supplement


This dry dog food is another of my faves for it contains a grain-free formula which prevents any future allergic triggers. It also contains a heavy amount of protein which is very ideal for the active lives that your German Shepherds lead. It also contains fruit and vegetables. However, one thing I don’t like about this is that it’s low on the carbs content.


  • Has a grain-free formula
  • Contains a large amount of protein
  • Contains fruit and vegetables


  • Contains a low amount of carbs

Nutritional Needs

1. For German Shepherd Dogs

German Shepherds dogs are lead very active lives. Moreover, they are carnivores, as well. For both of these reasons, they require a large amount of protein. Generally, they need at least an amount of twenty-two percent in his daily meal plan. It is best to give pure protein dog food for best results instead of those with additional filters for this can endanger your German Shepherd.

Next, let us move on to the next nutritional need of a German Shepherd which is fats. Fats are usually combined with protein in his meals because they give flavor to it. This nutritional need is something you have to regulate or else it can do damage if you end up feeding him more than what is required and if you end up giving him a lacking amount.

The recommended fat amount should be about five to eight percent. Maintaining a healthy amount is a must because fat is needed to maintain the healthy fur of your dog but exceeding the recommended healthy fat content can cause your dog to develop hip dyslexia. Also look for dog food that contain vegetable and fish oils that will give your dog omega-3-fatty acids.

2. For German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherd pups are usually more active and more energetic than adults which is why they require a more inclusive diet plan. Below is your full guide for puppies age 6 weeks old up to twelve weeks old.

6 weeks old

Usually at this point, the amount of macro and micronutrients they should be getting must still be coming from his or her mother. Otherwise, you need to find a suitable alternative supplement.

10 weeks old

At 10 weeks old, you can now begin the transitional stage in which you prep their body for more wholesome foods. You can start to increase their food intake and lessen the amount they’re getting from their mother. Begin by providing them wet food as moisture is a must to prepare their body. Wet food contains around 85% moisture which make wet foods the apt type of food to feed.

12 weeks old

Next, you can move on to the next transitional stage. This time it’ll be from wet foods to dry foods. To avoid your dog from getting overwhelmed, just mix about ten percent dry food with their wet foods. Slowly increase the dry food content by adding another ten percent for every week that follows. This is to prevent your dog from vomiting or diarrhea.

How to Feed Your German Shepherd

  • Am I feeding my dog too much?

If you can no longer see or feel their ribcage, then you probably are. It is a sign of overfeeding.

  • So how much or how often should I feed my puppy, then?

The recommended amount of times for smaller meals is about 3-4 times. But you can also opt to feed them two larger meals a day.

  • How often am I supposed to feed my adult dog?

Once your dog reaches the five to six month mark, you can reduce their meal times to two times.

How to Choose the Best for Your Dog

Dog food for German Shepherd are generally divided into two categories - wet or canned food and dry food or kibble. In this section, let’s weigh in the benefits and disadvantages of each category.

1. Dry Foods

Dry foods is probably the most famous type of dog food available in markets. They’re good choices because they are affordable and efficient. However, it also comes with their own cons.


  • Dry food comes with a more affordable price tag
  • Dry food best helps when it comes to your dog’s oral health
  • Dry food reduces chance of getting tartar for your dog
  • Dry food makes your dog’s teeth stronger
  • Dry food helps to reduce stress among your dogs when they chew on them


  • The large amount of carbs that dry food contains can be harmful to your dog
  • Eating dry food can cause health conditions in the liver
  • Dry food can cause dehydration for it only contains a small amount of moisture

2. Wet Foods

Like dry foods, wet dog food also comes with its own pros and cons.


  • Wet food contains more moisture
  • Wet food contains a higher healthy amount of protein and fats
  • Wet food is generally a more inclusive food for your dog for it includes all your dog’s nutritional needs
  • Wet food is easy to digest


  • Wet food does not offer any health benefits for his oral health
  • Wet food is not ideal to be used in the long run as it expires easily
  • Wet food is more expensive than dyr kibble

The verdict: For best results, give your dog a balanced amount of each to get the benefits of both categories.

Health Problems


Since German Shepherd dogs are active, they’re more prone to this condition. This happens when your dog eats too much or too fast. It also happens when they engage in a serious physical activity immediately after eating.

To avoid this, feed them smaller meals instead or larger ones. Also make sure that there is at least a one hour interval before you let them engage in any activity after eating.

Hip Dysplasia

One of the most common conditions among dogs, a proper diet cannot entirely solve this but can certainly prevent this from happening. To avoid this, make sure you are not feeding your an amount that is greater than what is required. Try to look for dog food that contain substances that promote skeletal health like glucosamine.


For this review roundup, my top most pick is the Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Formula for numerous reasons. First, it contains a grain-free formula that comes with high-quality carbs and the most premium protein such as beef and bison.

Second, it contains additional nutrients and vitamins such glucosamine which is good for maintaining healthy bones and joints. It also contains omega fatty acids and does not contain any other preservatives. Lastly, it also promotes healthy coat for my dog.

So there you have it, guys! I hope this article really helped you on your journey to finding the best wave brush for you! If you have any more questions, suggestions or just recommendations, do not hesitate to leave them down below! 🙂


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