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Elegant, loyal, muscular, speedy - these are only some of the words you associate with a Doberman. They are blessed with an elegant and tall structure. They possess a great muscular built and along with its comes impressive endurance and an amazing temperament.

More than this, Doberman are properly trained which does not just make them an amazing friend, companion and even a house guard but a fitting police and war dog, as well. For all those mentioned reasons, they also require proper maintenance and that includes giving them the ample amount of nutrition they need. In this article, I have rounded up the best dog food for Doberman!

Reviews of Best Dog Food for Doberman

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Glucosamine for Dogs Advanced Joint & Hip Supplement


This is another one of my top faves and it is for a number of reasons. The AvoDerm Natural Food is equipped with a variety of nutrients. First, it contains a lot of protein but not too much which makes it ideal for those with kidney problems or those who want to avoid any possibility of kidney conditions.

More than just a good amount of protein, this dog food contains a balanced amount of vitamins, omega fatty acids and minerals. This brand is made out of the most high-quality and premium ingredients and avocado, which is a source of many healthy substances.

As a result, this has kept my dog’s hair soft and shiny. Moreover, this dog food is also good for dogs prone to allergies or gassing up.


  • Grain-free formula
  • Contains a balanced amount of nutrients
  • Contains 20 essential vitamins
  • Contains omega fatty acids and minerals
  • Made out of premium protein and avocado
  • Keeps dog coat shiny
  • Good for dogs with allergies or bloatedness


  • Some picky eaters may not find the taste good

Glucosamine for Dogs Advanced Joint & Hip Supplement


The Newman Grain-Free Formula is one of my faves because it is a wet dog food option. Dobermans tend to be prone to bloatedness and one of the solutions or preventions for this is to add in some wet food option for your dog.

This dog food also works best for dogs that may have frequent allergic reactions to a variety of substances. Moreover, the taste of this is really good and will appeal even to the most finicky and picky of eaters.

What is more is that this particular food does not contain any wheat, soy or grains that may trigger an allergic reaction. However, personally, I do not like using this for my dog’s daily meal as I believe that this dog food’s protein content is a bit low.


  • Grain-free
  • Contains no amount of wheat, soy, corn
  • Good taste
  • Wet food option


  • Protein is a little too low

Glucosamine for Dogs Advanced Joint & Hip Supplement


It is not a mystery that Dobermans are some of the most active breeds out there. It just comes natural to them and some Dobermans can even more active than typical adults. For this reason, it is best to give them dog food that contains some of the highest amount of protein.

This is why I consider Merrick Real Buffalo & Sweet Potato as one of my top faves as this contains protein that accredits for over 70% of the calories. Moreover, this food product is only made out of the most premium ingredients such as real meat and food that contain healthy fats sourced from local farmers.

In return, this has helped my dog get a shinier and healthier coat. This also has helped in maintaining the healthy muscular built of my dog. More than this, this is also a perfect for your dog is he or she is prone to allergies.


  • Grain-free formula
  • Good taste
  • Contains premium ingredients and real meat
  • Contains healthy fats and omega


  • Some picky eaters may not find this tasty for them

Glucosamine for Dogs Advanced Joint & Hip Supplement


The Newman’s Own Organic dog food is an ideal dog food for Dobermans that are going through a kidney problem or those that want to avoid any possibility of getting afflicted with this problem.

This is because this food has an equal ratio between its content of fat and content of protein which makes it content of protein comparatively lower than some of the dod food options in this list.

Another plus to this brand is that it is grain-free. However, one thing I did not like about this is that it contains chicken which is a deal breaker for dogs that have chicken allergies.


  • Ideal protein and fat ratio
  • No added preservatives
  • No soy or wheat
  • Good for Dobermans with kidney problems


  • Not ideal for dogs with chicken allergies
  • Some dogs did not like the taste or smell

Glucosamine for Dogs Advanced Joint & Hip Supplement


The Castor & Pollux Organix dog food is the second wet dog food option in this list. As stated above, wet dog food options are good for Dobermans since they are prone to bloatedness.

Putting in a wet dog food option in his diet plans is a good way to prevent your dog’s stomach from gassing up or being filled with too much gas. Moreover, I like this product for it does not contain any added preservatives or chemicals. It is also made from organic ingredients.


  • Good for dogs prone to bloating
  • Does not contain any added preservatives
  • Made from organic ingredients
  • Features organic flaxseeds, blueberries and coconut flour


  • Not recommended for daily intake

It comes as no surprise that Doberman is highly active because well, they seemed to have been developed that way. When a man of German nationality decided to develop a dog to be naturally active, fearless, and strong sometime around the 19th century, the rest just became history.

And with their strong muscular built and generally hard-working personality, they are going to have the need to get their energy recharged with food. Unfortunately, Dobermans can also be prone to certain diseases. For all these reasons, a fitting diet is necessary. Below is a guide you can follow to buying the best dog food that will meet all your dog’s nutritional needs.

Nutritional Needs of Your Dog

1. Calories

Your guide to choosing the best and most ideal dog food for your dog will, of course, be based on your dog’s nutritional necessities, as well. Let us first discuss the calorie necessities of your Doberman.

The necessities of any dog with regards to his or her nutrition will always depend and be based on her or his weight. But for a normal 80 pound Doberman which is an average weight size for both male and female gender, the calorie count necessity will be 1333 Cal for older ones, 1851 Cal for the typical adult Doberman dogs and 2221 Cal for your hardworking and active dogs.

Male Dobermans tend to weigh heavier than the female ones with an average weight number of around 75 to 100 pounds. On the other hand, female Doberman dogs get an average weight number of over 60 to 90 pounds.

However, even though they are active and require a large quantity of nutrients, be wary of overfeeding them as this can also lead to certain problems. It is best if you discuss with your vet so you will really be able to get the detailed necessities that are only unique to your dog

2. Protein

Now, let us jump over to a Doberman’s required nutrition when it comes to protein. This is something that you also have to be cautious about. As stated again and again, Dobermans are naturally inclined to lead active lives.

For this reason, they need protein to strengthen their muscles and bones. So it is best to pick dog food that contains really high amount of protein. As a rule of thumb, at least a quarter of your dog’s diet should contain protein. Or in terms of number, they need at least 25% of protein.

However, this only applies to the typical adult Doberman dogs. For working Dobermans or at least the more active ones, they need quite more than this. But the downside to this is that you need to find the perfect balance for this. This is because Dobermans are prone to kidney diseases. And too much protein can cause more harm to this.

Because this can be considered as a really tricky challenge, it is hard to pull this off without getting professional assistance from your vet. Before deciding on your dog’s protein diet plan, make sure you consult his vet first.

3. Fats and Carbs

Fats is typically considered as a not so good thing most especially in human diets. However, fats are of great help for dogs especially for their coats. They may not have long coats but their hair can be vulnerable to drying out. Fats from their food can help prevent this from happening.

For best results, spot those that come with a healthy dose of omega, as well.As for their required carbs content, take note that Dobermans are not just prone to kidney failures but they can be quite susceptible to instances of low blood sugar or hypoglycemia, as well.

For this reason, they need good complex carbs to regulate their blood sugar level. This is because these types of carbs tend to burn slower. This tends to lower the tendencies of spikes and crashes in blood sugar levels.

Common Health Conditions

Now, that we have discussed the nutritional needs of a Doberman. Let us go over the health problems that our dogs will be prone to if not given the proper food.

  • Hypothyroidism

This health condition is caused by the lack of production of T3 and T4 hormones by your dog’s thyroid gland. When your furry friend is afflicted with this particular problem, he is going to gain weight quite easily despite his physical activities.

To prevent your drog from having this, be sure to avoid dog food that has too much processed fillers. Spot dog food that has premium ingredients such as meat, vegetables and fruits.

  • Bloatedness

This happens when your dog’s stomach gets filled up with too much amount of gas. To prevent this from occurring, make sure this is enough time between your dog’s meal time and exercise time. You can also add some wet food.


For this review roundup, I’d have to say that the best one among the list would have to be AvoDerm Natural Red Meat & Potato. First of all, the AvoDerm contains the most ideal amount of protein. It is the right and balanced amount and is therefore also ideal for dogs with kidney problems.

Moving onto its carbs and fat content, AvoDerm contains some of the best such as omega fatty acids which promote a healthy coat for your dogs. It also contains over 20 vitamins and minerals seeing as it is only made with premium ingredients such as avocado oil and high-quality protein.

This is also ideal for dogs prone to gassing up or bloatedness. And lastly, due to its balanced amount of nutrients, this dog food is ideal for avoiding hypothyroidism.

So there you have it, guys! I hope this article really helped you on your journey to finding the best dog food for your Doberman for you! If you have any more questions, suggestions or just recommendations, do not hesitate to leave them down below! 🙂


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