Best Dog Food for Boston Terriers – 2019 Buying Guide & Reviews

best dog food for boston terriers

Boston Terriers certainly fall on the smaller side of the spectrum of sizes of dogs. However, make no mistake, Boston Terriers are one of the most lively dogs. With their stubborn streak and persistent personality, it comes as no surprise that taking care of them can be quite a challenge.

For this very reason, one of the sure ways to take care of them is by feeding them the food that is most suitable for them. Unfortunately, this part and aspect of caring for your dog is also proven to be a bit of a difficult task.

However, you can start easing your worries because in this article, I have rounded off 5 best dog food for Boston Terriers that are sure to target the specific health needs of your dog as well as help your dog battle the common risks associated with being a Boston Terriers.

In addition to that, you will also be equipped with a guide that is sure to make your journey of buying dog food an easy one.

My Top Picks of 5 Best Dog Food for Boston Terriers

Product Name

Product Image

Main Ingredients

Dog Sizes Mostly Fit With



CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Dry Dog Food

salmon, menhaden fish sweet potato, peas

medium sized dogs


Nulo Freestyle Adult Dog Salmon & Peas Recipe

salmon, lamb, sweet potato, peas

small to medium sized dogs


Instinct Original Small Breed Grain Free Formula

chicken meal

small sized dogs


Fromm Gold Adult Dog Food Small Breed

chicken meal, duck, barley, oatmeal

small sized dogs


Merrick Grain Free Small Breed Recipe Adult

chicken, sweet potato

small sized dogs


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First up is a type of dry dog food by CANIDAE which also happens to be free from grains. This characteristic of this dog food is particularly good since grains can be a potential allergen. Another good thing I really appreciated about this dog food is that it uses salmon as its main ingredient.

This is because salmon is known to bring forth a multitude of nutritional benefits. For one, it does not just come with protein but also a high level of omega fatty acids, specifically omega 3.

In addition to its main meat source, this one is also rich in sweet potatoes and peas. Both of these foods are high quality sources of the healthy carbs. Furthermore, they also come with essential antioxidants that help wth your dog’s overall immune system.

They also contain probiotics which aid in the digestive health of your dogs. As for the coat and skin, since this dog food contains a significant amount of fatty acids, they also stay healthy.

What We Liked​​​​

  • Uses salmon as main protein
  • Free from grains
  • Contains antioxidants and probiotics
  • Healthy sources of carbs

What We Didn't Like

  • Not suitable for picky eaters


Truly, this dog food is considered as one of the best. It goes without saying that the manufacturer of this dog food is no less, Nulo.

This brand is one the most trusted when it comes to dog food and one particular characteristic of Nulo foods that I really like is that first of all, they are very low in amount when it comes to glycemic which can pose a problem to you dog’s health, in the long run.

In fact, when these foods go through a series of processes to ensure safeness, they make sure that the probiotics are strong and healthy enough to stay.

The ingredients of this food are also highly impressive. This food comes with salmon, albeit deboned, turkey in the form of a meal, sweet potato and whole peas which are both good sources of carbs as well as menhaden fish which is another good source of protein.

Overall, it equipes your dog with an impressive feat of 30% protein. As for your dog’s skin and coat health, this food contains 16% fat so it’s all good, as well. 

What We Liked​​​​

  • Low in glycemic levels
  • Contains salmon, turkey meal and menhaden fish which are all good sources of protein
  • Sweet potato and whole peas which are good sources of carbs

What We Didn't Like

  • Picky eaters may lose interest within few days


Next on the list, we got Instinct’s Original Dog Food with a formula that is free from grains as well as highly catered to the needs of a small sized dog.

One of the good things I highly appreciated about this dog food is that it comes with kibbles that are small in sizes. This feature is highly ideal for small breed dogs like Boston Terriers.

Additionally, this dog food is free from gluten. It also contains chondroitin and glucosamine which are both essential at ensuring that your dog’s bone and joint health will stay healthy. 

What We Liked​​​​

  • Free from grains
  • Small kibble sizes
  • Contain chondroitin and glucosamine 

What We Didn't Like

  • Picky eaters may not like the flavor


Third on this list, we got an Adult Dog Food with a formula that has been designed to fit the needs of a small breed by Fromm Gold.

One of the noteworthy things about this product is that it is absolutely budget friendly and less hefty when it comes to price tag as compared to other brands. But make no mistake, because this dog food certainly does not compromise on quality.

For its own protein content, this dog food comes with an impressive condensed version of different meats that are all good sources of protein.

These protein sources include chicken meal, duck, and just chicken. In addition to good meat, this dog food also comes with really good sources of carbs which comprise of oatmeal and barley. 

What We Liked​​​​

  • Contains different protein sources
  • Contain different carbs sources
  • Budget friendly

What We Didn't Like

  • Contains chicken which can be an allergen for some dogs


Merrick Dog Food is also free from grains and has been specifically made to target the needs of small breed dogs.

One of the things you will appreciate about the ratio of this dog food is that it contains 70% meat which is really good since this ensures that your dog will really grow with healthy muscles and bones.

As for its main ingredients, you will love its main sources since this dog food contains chicken and turkey meal for protein as well as sweet potatoes for its carbs sources.

With Merrick Dog Food you will also save time since this is a dog food that can be fed to your Boston Terriers at all stages of his or her lives. 

What We Liked​​​​

  • Free from grains
  • 70% protein
  • Food for all stages

What We Didn't Like

  • May cause your dog’s poop to smell bad

Nutritional Necessities: What Makes a Dog Food the Best

To best determine the best dog food for your dog, you need to first identify the nutritional needs of a Boston Terrier.

With this, you can carefully evaluate different dog food and then check if it totally matches and targets the nutritional necessities of your dog. With that being said, there are the factors you need to take into careful consideration.

First thing you have to consider is the weight of your dog. This is pretty much where your dog’s needs will be based on. Typically, Boston Terriers come in small sizes. Their specific measurements can range from 15 up to 25 pounds.

In some cases, they can weigh less than 15 pounds but usually not beyond 25 pounds. In terms of gender based measurements, Boston Terriers of the female gender will usually weigh around 6 up to 22 pounds.

And just like most cases, male Boston Terriers tend to weigh more with approximate measurements of over 8 to 25 pounds. As for the height, the approximate range will be around nine up to seventeen inches tall.

1. Calories

Relatively, Boston Terriers are smaller in size. For this very reason, they aren't that very demanding when it comes to workout needs. However, it does not mean that they no longer need exercise because they do, albeit not as much as other dogs.

That being said, calories are one of the most essential things you have to take into careful consideration. Typically, if your Boston Terrier is highly active as he or she should, he or she would most probably need an average of around 660 calories each and every day. Usually, the approximate estimation is that your dog also weighs more or less 20 pounds.

As for puppies that are still growing, you are going to need to feed him or her more calories. This is because their metabolic level typically requires more caloric intake especially with their level of activity. Usually puppies around four months to a year old and weighing around ten pounds require over 440 calories every day.

2. Protein

In addition to calories, you also have protein to check and evaluate. To ensure that your dog will grow up with healthy bones and strong muscles, your protein must be of high quality and therefore must come from high quality sources.

For protein sources, a good dog food will typically feature two or more protein. You can opt for either protein meals or the meat itself. Good meat examples include beef, lamb, fish pork and chicken.

However, if your dog is known to be allergic to chicken then it is best to avoid this meat. But of course, this does not apply to everyone. Plant based proteins are also good but meat based proteins are more effective.

3. Fats

Next is the fat. Fats are essential for the maintenance of your dog’s coat and skin. In addition to this, they are also helpful when it comes to the development of your dog’s brain and eye system. 

One example of fats is the omega fatty acid, specifically the omega 3. It is a form of DHA that is comprised of a variety of oils such as coconut oil.

How to Feed Your Boston Terrier

Next up, let’s figure out the right way of feeding your Boston Terrier. So first, let’s talk about the proper dog food that is fit for his or her size. Boston Terrier is a relatively small sized dog compared to other dogs.

However for dog food based on size, you may actually opt for either dog food made for small-sized breeds or medium-sized breeds.

Of course, if your Boston Terrier is really small, the ideal dog food is the one for small sized dogs. This is because small dogs burn more calories as compared to larger dogs. For this reason, their body required dog food that is more packed with calories per ounce.

In addition to that, let us focus on what not to feed your dog. First of all, one thing you should note is that Boston Terrier dogs are usually prone to being gassy. And for this very reason, you need to be careful about giving your dogs food that has grains. 

But of course, there are other families of grain that are exceptions to the rule. These are oat and barley. These two are really good sources of carbs.

Another thing you have to note is that your Boston Terrier dogs are better off with kibbles as opposed to canned dog food. This is because aside from being digested less by dogs, canned food may also give your dog bad breath. 

It is also best if these kibbles are small in sizes. This is because your dogs are prone to mouth issues so be careful with the size of the food you are feeding your dog with.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, the best dog food for Boston Terrier is Nulo Freestyle Adult Dog Salmon & Peas Recipe. First of all, its protein level and sources are certainly of the highest quality. Some of its sources include lamb and salmon. 

It is also low in glucose but still has pretty good sources for its carbs content which are sweet potatoes peas. Overall, its protein and fat levels are both testament to its effectivity as a good dog food.

So there you have it, guys! I hope this article really helped you on your journey to finding the best dog food for your Boston Terriers! If you have any more questions, suggestions or just recommendations, do not hesitate to leave them down below! 🙂


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