Best Dog Boots for Hiking — Best Picks and a Complete Guide

best dog boots for hiking

Hiking is truly an amazing form of recreation. You are able to take in the wonders of the Earth and just relish in the amazing gift of life that only nature can make us feel. And truly, what better way to celebrate your lives with none other than your beloved pet dogs.

They are, indeed, a man’s best friend. However, do keep in mind that if humans have special necessities when it comes to hiking which include hiking bag, flashlight, other safety precaution measures and boots then so do dogs.

One thing they need are protection for their feet when they hike since mountains can be unpredictable. With that being said, I’ve rounded off 2018’ best dog boots for hiking.

5 Best Dog Boots for Hiking

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First up on the list, we have The All Terrain boots for dogs by Ruffwear. The Ruffwear dog footwear is equipped with thick traction soles that practically acts the same way as boots that human beings use.

If you are the type of owner that typically goes on really long walks or hikes that have difficult terrain, then this pair of boots may just be precisely what you need, especially where traction is needed.

In addition to that, this is also good for places that have a lot of rocks or sands. This pair of hiking boots also work well in places that have extreme temperature. One thing you should take note of when it comes to this pair of boots is that they come in really big sizes.

So even the smallest sizes may still be too big for your dogs. Furthermore, this pair of boots really stay on the feet of your dog, just make sure that you have really adjusted them well.


  • Good for places that are rocky and have difficult terrain
  • Really sturdy
  • Offers good ventilation


  • Comes in really big sizes

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Next up, we have the Ultra Paws Durable boots. Unlike the first one, this pair of boots are made from soft soles and soles that are not made from leather. But despite this pair of hiking boots being soft, it does not mean that it falls short on the protection it can offer.

Although, this is probably best for the short duration walks and hikes. However, keep in mind that it still offers a wholesome and inclusive.

Moreover, even if this was not made of leather, this pair of hiking boots are actually made of thermoplastic material that is completely and entirely waterproof.

One thing I appreciate about this one is that the sizes do not come in really large ones. Additionally, they really stay on the feet of your dogs. If there’s one thing that I did not really like that much is probably the fact thay it offers less ventilation.


  • Waterproof thermoplastic material
  • Can be easily taken off and on
  • Well constructed
  • Sturdy
  • Stays on well


  • Less ventilation
  • Offers less protection from spines
  • Less traction

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Third, we have the Long Dog Boots by EZASW which are made of water resistant material. One thing I really liked about this one is that it offers your dog protection from any wet dirt or mess. It keeps your dog clean, dry and warm.

In addition to this, the material is also a strong nylon fabric. It is made of a high quality knitted rip top that is also flexible. Moreover, this pair of shoes is also equipped with Velcro closures which will make it easy for you to fit and adjust the shoes.

Due to its pretty good fabric, this pair of shoes is very easy to clean. All you have to do is to clean it with water and voila, you are good to go. This is best for a variety of outdoor activities which include hiking, running and hunting among all others.


  • Made of strong waterproof nylon fabric
  • Comes with Velcro closures for easy size adjustment
  • Protects your dog from dirt, rough surface and other wet mess


  • Maybe a little difficult to put on

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Next pair on the list is pair of comfortable and water resistant boots that have been specifically designed for outdoor activities such as hiking.

One thing I have always appreciated about this product is that despite the comfortable material, it is still able to do its job of keeping debris out and protecting your dog’s feet.

It has the ability to do this in all sorts of weather, whether hot or cold and dry or wet. In addition to this, it is very flexible and is able to resist against skid.


  • Has sturdy soles
  • Can resist against skid
  • Specifically designed for outdoor activities
  • Can keep debris out


  • Shoes may need to come up higher

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Last but most certainly not the least, we have Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes by QUMY. This pair of dog hiking boots are very easy to put on and to take off. One thing I really appreciated about this one is that these pair of shoes expand with a wide opening.

This becomes possible because it is equipped with two reflective and adjustable velcro straps. This really ensures that your dog will have a pair of shoes that have a tight fit and that will not easily slip out of your dog’s feet. In addition to them it is made out of high quality fabric and is equipped with rugged soles.


  • Very easy to put on and take off
  • Equipped with two Velcro closures
  • Adjustable
  • Rugged soles
  • High quality fabric


  • Sizes may be too small

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Why You Should Get Your Dog Hiking Boots

You can never walk or run barefoot without getting little cuts and wounds, much less hike on a mountain with no shoes that can offer protection to your feet. The same thing also goes for your dogs.

Keep in mind that dogs are just as vulnerable to cuts and wounds like us. With that being said, it is essential that you equip him or her with the proper pair of shoes that are specifically designed for hiking. In other words, you need to get him or her a pair of hiking boots.

What You Should Look for in Hiking Boots

When looking for the right pair of hiking boots for your dog, you may encounter different sets of questions and problems. Aside from all those, you should also ask yourself questions such as how often do you go out for hiking? How rough is the land of the mountain you are going to? How sensitive are the feet of your dog?

There are a lot of other factors to check out before settling on one pair of boots for your dog. Read away and get to know these factor:

  • Right fit, size and measurement

First and foremost, the most crucial thing you should always check is the right fit. A lot of people can overlook this and just get the first thing that fits the foot of their dogs. However, it is very essential that you check properly of it fits the feet of your dogs correctly and that it is not too big or too small.

Keep in mind that the feet of your dog should not be sliding around. Aside from this, also check thoroughly if your dog’s feet are not being pinched or scraped which may be caused by boots that are too small for your dog.

In addition to this, just make sure that it fits snugly. Not too big and not to small to the point that it is already cutting the circulation of blood of your dog.

  • Width of soles

When it comes to the width of soles, the number one you should look for is the thickness. Remember, the thicker the soles or the shoes, the more comfortable it is.

This is most especially true if the land if very rocky and contains a lot of sediments that may otherwise end up poking your dog’s feet. Just remember that the soles of his or her pair of boots should be both thick and sturdy.

  • Equipped with Velcro closures

Dogs, in general, typically do not like the feeling of having their pair of boots placed at the bottom of their feet. With that being said, this is why you need to get a pair of shoes for hiking or hiking boots that are equipped with Velcro closures.

This is because this makes it easy for them to just put on or take off their hiking boots in an easy and efficient manner. In addition to that, try to get your dog to wear it around your backyard. Just so you can see if he’s comfortable with the shoes or not.

  • Type of feet

Last but most certainly and definitely not the least! You should also try considering the type of feet that your dog has. Now, this of course depends on what breed your dog is. A lot of variations can come about depending on the breed.

For example, there are those that have webbed paws. And there are those who do not have. Just be really sure, always make sure that you actually have the measurements of your dog’s feet so you can make a direct comparison before buying.

Post hiking Maintenance

One thing you should do after your dog has used your hiking boots is to check whether the insides have water. Generally, hiking boots are not waterproof. As a result, you should always check the condition of the boots and dump out any water.

After checking the condition of the pair of hiking boots, always check the condition and state of your dog’s feet. It is possible that you made a miscalculation while you were fitting the hiking boots. In the event that your dog have wounds, clean it immediately to prevent your dog from further infections.

For best protection, use an antibacterial cleanser like a hydrogen peroxide. Keep in mind that you cannot use alcohol. This is because can really cause a lot of pain for your dog. In addition to all that, remember to apply some antibiotic ointment.

Cap it off by covering your dog’s wound with gauze then tape it off so that you can prevent your dog from licking it. If this becomes the case, make sure to get another pair of hiking boots.

Final Thoughts

And the winner is Long Dog Boots Pet Waterproof Antiskid Durable Shoes by EZASW. This one is the best because it comes with a strong but comfortable nylon fabric. This fabric is also not just sturdy but also water resistant.

These shoes have a good job at making sure that your feet stay clean, dry and free from dirt. In addition to this, these shoes also come with the Velcro closures. This equips you with the chance to adjust the fit and the sizes well.

So there you have it, guys! I hope this article really helped you! If you have any more questions, suggestions or just recommendations, do not hesitate to leave them down below! 🙂


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