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Planning to go out on an adventure with your dog but you don’t like to carry much weight? Why carrying the entire luggage when you can equip your dog to help themselves and even help you. Finding the best dog backpack may just help your dog become the better outdoor companion.

Top Dog Backpack Qualifiers

Are Backpacks Beneficial for Dogs?

Dogs are pack animals and would always love to play a role.

Roles give them a sense of direction and purpose making them more predictable to stay on that role every time they are trained on it. If you constantly train your dog to carry their own necessities during walks, they will be used to doing that.

Although at first they might seem to dislike it, from experience, they eventually appreciate their roles. Once this happens, you will eventually end up with dependable companion for some cargo which could mean lesser weight for you to carry.

But giving them any backpack could prove detrimental for them in the long run. Instead of helping them build their form, a wrong backpack could do just the opposite.

A wrong backpack could constrict their breathing and disturb their enjoyment for the whole trip. So don’t buy just any best-selling dog backpack, examine it first with the following criteria. That way you only give what is best for your furry buddy.

Dog backpacks can also act as healthy weight for workouts or to simply add intensity to your dog’s activities as it burns excess energy. Take note however that weight should only start at 10-12% and weight carried by dogs should not exceed 25% of their natural weight.

What Features To Look Into When Finding The Best Dog Backpack?

1. Check for the Backpack’s Trail Readiness

Contain reflective strips

Your dog’s backpack can help call attention to your pet companion so that they can be easily seen whenever they are lost in the trail due to various threats on the trail such as traps and other animals.

The backpack must contain reflective strips so that we can easily spot the dog from away should it get lost during night time or in dark spaces.

Be padded

It must have space where possible linings can be placed to cushion your pet from bumps and impacts along the paths.

Be water resistant if not waterproof

Since most outdoor settings would always have a source of wetness from the surrounding environmental elements such as plants or bodies of water, it may be better to go for a dog backpack that is water resistant if not waterproof.

Not only will your dog’s things be safe inside but it can also help your dog not catch unnecessary weight from water coming into his bag.

Be made of sturdy or nylon.

For your dog’s backpack to be adventure-ready, it must be made up of sturdy cotton or nylon. Another material good for dog backpacks is polyester.

Although it is more prone to deterioration compared with nylon, it is a long way cheaper which can be good if you are on budget and you do not plan to go outdoors with your dogs often.

2. The Backpack Should Fit Comfortably While Providing Manoeuvrability.

Comfort can come from breathability. Are the parts of the bag that embraces the dog made cool through ample holes? A mesh may be a good material for that part of the bag so your dog is made cool while it is exercised.

Manoeuvrability must also be closely looked into. Aside from just picking out good materials, design thinking must consider the ability of the dog to move freely with their bags on. The weight must not be focused on the dog’s spine but rather distributed along its body.

The bulk of the weight of the backpack must be on the portions of their bodies that contain most of their muscles that is at their shoulders and hips but at the same time not hinder these muscles from moving to and from.

Balance and distribution of weight are good. Try to see that side bag compartments are detachable.

3. Does the Backpack Have Flexibility to Size Variations?

A dog the same age and of the same breed at the same owner can even be at different sizes. Thus, a good fit for a particular dog may not necessarily mean a good fit for yours.

So we ask ourselves, how can we be exactly sure if an online dog backpack would be a good fit? We could not exactly and certainly tell. We can only approximate. Thus the best fit for whatever minimal size variation is the dog backpack’s flexibility.

Your dog’s backpack must have adjustable features such as zippers or straps that can be opened or closed making openings and sizes vary slightly.

These features are particularly important when buying dog backpacks for growing dogs or if you want to use the same backpack on two similarly sized dogs.

When seeing both in different backpacks, I always chose straps that can be tightened over zippers because zippers in dogs are prone to running over some fur.

In the pack of the best-selling dog backpacks on the market today, can you guess which one is the alpha?

This backpack has rubber mesh designed for breathability but not for too much weight which is just okay since dogs should not carry around too weight.

The outer material is made up of polyester.

It is durable but also slightly elastic to add adaptability to your dog's movement while sticking to its position instead of sliding around.


  • Removable saddlebags which are best for crossing streams and having comfortable rest stops
  • Adjustable straps for custom fitting
  • Double-stitched for re-enforcement
  • With light reflection stripe on the backpack for you to see your dog's activities at low-lighting conditions
  • Water-resistant for extra protection against the elements.


  • Has extra strings on the outer most part which can easily get entangled when going into trails
  • Materials have been reported to easily stain

This dog backpack is made double polyester material for added durability.

It has a very sturdy feel which can be good if you want that similar character added to your dog companion.

Sturdy, built-in rubber handle and has a built-in hard D-ring leash attachment on top so there’s no need to use the collar when using this one.

Soft-mesh lined underside for your dog’s comfort and adjustable buckles for custom fit.

The V-area for her front chest cavity is padded so it does not cut into your dog’s chest cavity.

There’s a pad that goes under the rib area to protect skin from being rubbed as your dog walks.

The mid back is mesh which allows air to flow through so the dog does not heat up.

The material is nylon and is to wash off when it gets muddy.


  • Well padded
  • Bright and dark colors to choose from
  • Reflective material on pockets
  • Easy to clean
  • Strong adjustable buckles


  • A lot of buckle snaps.
  • You will need to have your dog stay still a bit to get underbelly adjustment correct.

The purchase includes two soft-sided collapsible water bottles that are BPA-free and taste-free.

Those bottles can contain 0.6 litres of water each which is good to keep your dogs hydrated for long.

Backpack space does not bulk up very much limiting storage space other than water.

I would say that this is indeed built for hydration purposes.

This is best for those that plan to bring their dogs to a few hours to half a day of trailing.


  • Chest and belly straps are foam padded
  • 5-point customizable adjustments for good fitting
  • Reflective trim and pockets for low-light visibility
  • Does not flip flap when dog is on the run


  • Expensive
  • Bag space is not very much expandable

This tactical dog vest comes with three detachable pouches for carrying different daily items, not only can they be added on the vest but also to other tactical gears.

The sides are designed with spaces for attaching other accessories such as water bottles, food snacks and even other materials.

This backpack is mostly made up of high 1000D Nylon making it durable for use and even abuse.

The design uses Velcro panel capturing your dog’s full dog structure using major muscles and bones to support and distribute the weight of bag.

This bag may carry enough materials for your dog for a weekend’s need without it being unnecessarily exhausted with weight distribution.


  • Internal padding are meshed for ventilation
  • Well-padded for comfort
  • Good engineering design that allows full body support
  • Highly durable materials and double stitched
  • Add on pouches can be detached when reaching camp site


  • Only neutral colours available
  • No reflective materials

This dog backpack has a vintage design, making it uniquely fashionable.

Your dog will look a lot like a messenger dog when wearing this one.

The materials are mostly made of comfortable cotton canvas material which is good because it does not hurt their fur.

Only two sized but each size can accommodate wide range of dogs. This backpack fits medium to large sized dog.

 There are two spaces on each side of this backpack.

One uses a zipper with no additional top covering and the other one is just open.


  • Adjustable straps
  • Cotton material


  • Support of weight is just centered around the dog’s chest and rib areas
  • More fashionable than functional


The award of best dog backpack goes to is WOpet’s Tactical Dog Vest with Detachable Pouches. While most best selling bags provide comfort and custom fit through the use of straps, this one provides more with its detachable pouches and multiple possible attachments.

It uses sturdy nylon material outside and is meshed and padded on the inside for protection. It is also double stitched for lasting usage.

But I would say that the best criteria are that it is the only backpack in the best-selling list that fully uses the muscular support and bone structure of the dog making it the best backpack for dog’s next outdoor adventure with you.

Can you suggest a better dog backpack for outdoors? Tell us about it in the comments below. We would be delighted to know about it.


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