Best Bones For Puppies: They Love These Safe And Yummy Treats

best bone for puppies

Choosing only the best bones for puppies is highly important since not all chew toys are safe for your tiny best bud. Find out which bones to get.

​The FDA’s center for veterinary medicine has warned dog owners on the dangers of allowing their pets to chew on bones that may lead to surgery, or worse, death.

As an alternative, digestible dental dog chews are recommended especially for teething puppies. Here are the best bones for puppies.

​Things To Look For When Buying The Best Bones For Puppies

Puppies have compulsion to chew since it is how they initially explore the world around them. The chewing gets worse however, when they start teething since it is a way to relieve their inflamed gums due to an upcoming tooth.

It is in this crucial stage where discipline should be enforced so they don’t develop a lifelong habit of ruining furniture and other items with their mouths. To manage the situation, chewing toys shaped like a bone is the best solution. What do you look for in the items you need?

​1. Soft For Relief, Tough For Durability

Best Bones For Puppies

The goal is to find a teething toy that is in between tough and soft. It needs to be soft because a puppy’s mouth identifies softness with its prey.

On the other hand, it has to be tough or durable so it lasts longer than a few hours, otherwise you will have to buy new ones all the time.

Remember that puppies go hard on chewing when they are teething. You want a toy that can sustain their attention for a long period of time or they will divert their attention to your furniture or shoes.

They are tiny chomping machines at this stage, and that is just normal for them.

​2. Does Not Disintegrate

Best Bones For Puppies

Pay attention to this factor since sadly, many dogs and puppies choke and die each year after ingesting fragments of cheap and toxic chew toys. Make sure you are buying products that are not easily torn to pieces and are made of non-toxic materials.

After all, the reason why you are buying chew bones in the first place is because real bones splinter and damage your dog’s digestive system. So why settle for products that disintegrate?

The best way to know for certain whether a product is no good after a couple of hours is to first check the materials before buying them. If you are running an experiment on whether an item is good or not, be on the safe side and make sure it has no toxic substance.

Then, observe how long until your puppy destroys it. Aside from knowing this item better, this also tells you about the chewing ability of your puppy so you have a more informed decision next time around.

​3. Consider Your Puppy’s Preference

No one knows your puppy better than you do. However, knowing their preference when it comes to shapes and textures may be tricky. The best way to know for sure is to try different toys so you know which ones work best.

To save money, do not throw toys that they seem to leave behind and not appreciate. Sometimes, they do want to play with it once they get bored with the other toys they have. Variety is a good way to keep them busy.

​4. Considering Your Puppy’s Size

Appropriate size differs depending on the size of the dog. For example, a Great Dane puppy is so much bigger than a Chihuahua puppy.

Thus, Great Danes swallowing toys made for a Chihuahua is very easy. Take note of the appropriately sized toys for different dog breeds.

​5. It’s Tasty!

These days, chewing toys come in tasty flavor. Most of these teething toys are edible as well although they last long still. Others can be stuffed with goodies to keep your puppies entertained for a long period of time as they figure out how to get the treat.

Most of these edible and yummy treats can be expensive. The trick is to not give your puppy these treats all the time.

You can throw this in the mix every now and then so that it becomes something your puppy looks forward to, while still remaining interested in the non-flavored toys.

How To Choose Safe Chewing Toys

As mentioned earlier, not all chewing toys are good for your puppy specifically those that disintegrate and break down into pieces. Here are a few reminders when shopping for the best bones for puppies.

​1. Squeaky Bone-shaped Toys

These stuffed toys are fun for puppies to play with. However, those cheap stuffed bones that come with a squeaker can be very easy to tear apart and ingesting these squeakers can be very dangerous.

Not all of these squeaky toys are dangerous though. Make sure you buy those that are made of high quality materials that are not easily torn apart.

Although may come a bit pricey, it lasts longer and can save you trips to the veterinarian.

​2. Avoid BPA At All Costs

Best Bones For Puppies

A study published in 2012 reports some dog toys contain harmful BPA chemicals. According to the same study, dogs that play with these toys may be exposed to bisphenol and phthalates, chemical plastics that have been identified to cause adverse impacts to human health. These substances become more concentrated with weathering and aging toys.

In the human body, BPA functions like a sex hormone, which, depending on exposure, may affect the development of infants and children. These chemicals also worsen fertility problems in women and could lead to the narrowing of arteries. Pregnant mothers who have been exposed to these chemicals also run the risk of having a child with behavioral and obesity problems later in life.

Although studies on the effects of BPA on dogs are still on the way, there is a high possibility that these chemicals have adverse effects on dogs as well. This is all the more true as some dog toys have very high concentrations of BPA in them.

​3. Choose Washable Bones

Some bones can be washed and used over and over again. When they get bored with the bone they are chomping on, don’t leave the bone on the floor for a long time as this will acquire germs and bacteria.

Instead, wash it well and place it in a plastic bag before putting it in the freezer. Next time your puppy starts biting on things, offer the frozen bone. This will help relieve the pain of having inflamed gums. This works like magic!

Top Five Best Bones For Puppies – Our Favorites!

Considering the factors mentioned above, these items are worth your consideration. The best way to go about it is to try these products and see if your puppy likes them.

1. Healthy Beefhide

This Healthy Beefhide dog treat by RawHideMarket is made in the USA and comes in packs of 3.

They are 9 inches long and are made from beef heavy rawhide bones.

They are so tough that they are pit bull approved and won’t crack even with strong biting dogs and puppies.

It will take about half an hour for a 55 pound pit bull to completely go through the bone.


  • Does not smell
  • No stomach upset
  • High quality bone
  • Does not splinter or disintegrate
  • Lasts a long time even for dogs weighing 35 – 65 pounds
  • Comes with nutritional benefits
  • Contains Glucosamine, which is good for the joints


  • Comes in single size
  • May be too big for small puppy and dog breeds
  • May be too small for big puppy and dog breeds

2. Doggie Dealz Premium Elk Antlers

These premium elk antlers are all natural and organic so they are healthy and safe.

They are long lasting and they come in different weight and length options so you can decide depending on the size of your dog or puppy.

Sourced in the USA, this product creates a better world for dogs as a portion of their sales are donated to dog rescue funding.


  • No preservatives or growth hormones
  • Does not come with animal byproducts
  • No additives and artificial coloring
  • Long lasting
  • No odor
  • Does not leave stains or mess
  • Varies in weight, thickness, shape, color, and size


  • Needs to be removed away from the dog if it gets small enough to swallow
  • Can be harmful or even fatal if swallowed whole

3. Milk-Bone MaroSnacks Dog Treats

Milk-Bone MaroSnacks is made by the same company that created the very first dog biscuits in the USA.

This particular treat, however, is produced in New York. It is a combination of real bone marrow flavor and crunchy biscuit. T

hey are great snacks that will keep your puppies and dogs busy for a span of time while satisfying their need to chew and to have nutrients.


  • Can be used as distraction to keep them busy or as treats for training
  • Nutritious and wholesome snack
  • Rich in calcium
  • Reasonable priced
  • Comes in variety of sizes and flavors
  • Different texture (soft on the inside, tough on the outside) for different preference


  • May not last as long as other bone treats
  • May contain ingredients that some dogs are allergic to

4. SmartBones Value PB Mini 16 Pk

SmartBones is made of real wholesome vegetables, peanut butter, and chicken stuffed in a white cut femur bones.

It can be given daily as a treat to keep your puppies and dogs busy.

It has the benefits of rawhide without the use of rawhide specifically. Each pack comes with 16 pieces of mini dog chew.


  • Smells appealing for puppies and dogs alike
  • Reasonably priced
  • Safe for smaller dogs and puppies
  • Smells delicious
  • Stuffed with unique flavor that dogs love
  • Hard bone helps clean teeth
  • Available in large and small sizes


  • May not last as long as other bone treats
  • Quality control may be an issue to some owners as this item is not manufactured in the USA
  • May be too small for bigger dogs or puppies

5. Benebone Bacon Flavored Dental Chew Toy

This bacon-flavored dog chew lasts for hours. Its ergonomic design allows dogs to maximize their chewing experience.

The deep grooves allow tiny puppies to have a full bite.

The surface is designed to smell and taste appealing once dogs take a bite.

The whole product is well designed that, in fact, its shape and surface flavor are specially designed and patented by Benebone.

Although these chew toys are designed durably and are not for eating, the flavor on the surface is 100% bacon.

The whole chew toy is made only of nylon and bacon. Made in the USA, this product supports canine welfare particularly dog shelters all over the USA.


  • Well thought out design to meet dogs’ chewing behavior
  • Durable and can withstand heavy chewer
  • Possible to be tossed in the air for a game of fetch
  • Design allows dogs and puppies to put their paw on one end as the other end sticks out for chewing
  • Great for both powerful chewers and tiny puppies and dogs
  • Lasts for a very long time


  • Not edible
  • Facility may have been in contact with nuts
  • Not for close contact with anyone who has had allergic reaction to nuts
  • Eventually wears and tears, therefore needs to be observed carefully

The best bones for puppies would be…

Of the awesome products mentioned in this review, the winner is got to be Healthy Beefhide by RawHideMaket. The reason why it outshines the other products is because it meets all the factors to consider in buying bones for puppies that are mentioned earlier in this review.

It is, for one, soft and tough at the same time. It lasts for a long period without disintegrating. It also comes in natural flavor with nutritional benefits to help keep your puppy’s joints healthy.

While the other items in this list have some of these benefits as well, Healthy Beefhide simply has the track record and has proven its universal uses and benefits.

Hope this review has helped you in choosing which bones to get your puppies. Consider your options, but remember to be safe and check the materials first before giving it to your puppy.


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